cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing

There is no cloud in Cloud Computing, it is just a name that has been given to this service. Traditionally we use local storage or our PC storage to store data but using cloud computing enables us to use storage space over the internet that has been provided by a service provided.


Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing depends on different factors to support the latest technologies. The easy-to-manage process allows you to enjoy numerous services to pool resources according to the requirement. So, every business prefers to make or purchase different cloud solutions based on their condition today. Cloud computing is also attracting both private corporations and individuals globally. With the features of cloud computing, you get various benefits such as:

One of the essential characteristics of cloud computing that makes it different from other technologies is its dependency on infrastructure. With this virtualization feature, you do not need to purchase or download any additional storage devices or hardware.


Instead, the servers are established on the infrastructure provided by your provider. Thus, all the storage and server features are taken care of by the cloud provider itself. Thus, the availability of computers and other storage devices is no longer a problem. The only thing you need is a reliable hosting service from an established web hosting provider.

Another characteristic that proves beneficial for end-users is its mobility. You can access your computing resources irrespective of whether you are at home in the office or traveling. Thus, you can access the data stored in the server at any time. Besides, the Cloud presents an easy way of managing files and applications. The administrators can easily manage the servers and the data systematically, thanks to the features of Cloud computing.


An important factor supporting cloud computing’s popularity is its cost-efficiency. The providers invest in maintaining the reliability and scalability of their infrastructure. Therefore, they offer their customers affordable storage services and other features. Besides, you get automatic billing, and you do not have to maintain a huge infrastructure to host your applications. Thus, you can save money and improve your business’s productivity.

Another benefit of cloud computing is measured service delivery. There is no centralization of resources. Thus, you get the guaranteed performance from the time you make requests for resources irrespective of their location or accessibility. With this characteristic, you get better utilization of resources regardless of whether they are located in the physical world or not. Also, there is no question of oversold resources as the servers are offered on demand.

Another key characteristic supporting cloud characteristics are rapid elasticity. Since there is no centralization, the resources are available as and when you need them. You can quickly scale up or down the servers according to your requirements. The systems are well scalable and are based on highly efficient technologies. Thus, these cloud computing features help you get the best results from your computing infrastructure.


The world is moving towards the Cloud to decrease your expenditure and workforce requirement. If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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