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So if you are reading this let me assume you are an aspiring Blogger Or a Content writer. The first thing you should master for content writing is the hunger for learning new and innovative things daily.

What is Content Writing and how to write an article?

First, be clear that Content writing and Copy-writing are two different things. In this one, we will discuss content writing. Copy-write is for some other day.” Content is the king” this line still holds its value in the world of videos, the content is the king in the web world. If you don’t have the right content for the occasion then believe me you are going to lose your digital presence and eventually your value.

How to learn content writing

Is writing content easy???

 If you have met any established blogger or content writer in the past they will tell you that writing content is not easy, yes I will tell you the same but with the added line, it’s not that difficult too. 

It’s not rocket science, if you dedicate time for it then it can do wonders for you and you can learn it within 6 months. 

So what are the techniques, what points you should keep in your mind before learning, how to write content, and what preparation you should do before entering content writing or blogging, etc? How can you write an awesome article? 

Many people will advise you that as you are not from an English medium school hence you will not succeed as a content writer or blogger but believe me, it has nothing to do with your past education.

What matters how dedicated you are and how keen you are to learn a new thing. If you search over the internet on how to be a content writer or start a blog they will give you a hundred or a thousand kinds of ideas that are literally unusable.
Basics of Content Writing

Let’s start with a basic thing that we all neglect the most, but we should give ample importance. Let me ask you something if this article is full of information but it’s boring will you read it?

No, even my answer is no. I don’t read articles just for the information if it’s too boring. So if people will not get engaged with your article, and they find it boring then they will close your blog tab in the browser. It will increase your bounce rate, reduced session duration and Google will certainly notice that. 

So I would not be telling you Hi-Fi grammar, keyword stuffing, long-tail keywords, subheadings, headings, H1 H2  or H6 headings, etc. For those things, you can refer to my other article on SEO. Yes, those things are needed but what is the most important factor, that your article should be engaging and make the reader curious to read through it.

How an article is made interesting!!

Do you remember your school days and the long paragraphs of essays ??

Did you read it then? You hated it even I did, to be frank. Have you ever seen any legal documents?? It’s written in a crisp and neat way with so many spacing, paragraphs, heading with subheadings, and whatnot but still, 95% of people don’t read it though we should. 

So how to write in the world of the internet. When we interact with someone we get more interested rather than listening to a story or reading the newspaper.

When we sit down with our friends, and we interact with them one on one then we are more interested in those conversations rather than reading some newspapers on the internet. 

The point is, you should be more interactive in your blog with your readers. They should feel that you are almost talking live, sitting in front of them making them understand what to do, what not to do what can they get from your blog, what is your blog all about.

 So here are some points you should keep in your mind before writing content for your blog or for someone else

Content Writing

  1. Don’t use hi-fi vocabulary rather use simple words but keep your grammar correct. Hi-fi vocabulary looks good but it reaches limited mass.
  2. Before writing content about something do proper research on the subject. Spend some hours on the internet to know what you are going to write, know it inside out. Reading is the first step for a content writer. So read as much as you can.
  3. Join all social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Join groups there and learn what people are writing and how their writing. You can learn the pattern, the words, the vocabulary but never try to copy them. Learn from many aspects and many platforms but write it in your own way. Develop your own style of writing,
  4. My advice will be that you should join an online or offline course like the IIM  certification course, Udemy, or Simplilearn online courses for one month, and believe me it will help you. You always need a mentor to succeed in your life no matter what you do.
  5. Be a problem solver, people love to read posts that somehow related to the trouble they are facing and gives a solution.
  6. Have your own point of view, being unique is one of the best things but in the process of being unique don’t become weird.
  7. Create a content bucket, write content regularly regarding your niche, and interrelate them to keep your reader engaged.
  8. Keep your HTML to Text ratio between 20 and 60.
  9. Link to relevant citations to your content. It increases the authority of your content and having citations makes a reader believe that he is reading something which is helpful.

Read nice and popular Blogs to educate yourself

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