How To Improve Your Google Rankings after Algorithm update

Google rankings
You may have a blog or website but what you want is to rank your blog/website higher in Google to increase your traffic thus your profit.
There are many agencies working for digital marketing, and they promise you to rank your website higher and in return, you have to pay them a hefty amount. It is affordable for medium or big corporates but it is not that advisable for small-time bloggers or startups.
So how do you rank your blog/website without the help of big agencies and is it possible?
Yes, it is possible and I personally have helped many startups to rank higher working as a freelancer for them. So let’s dive in and find out how.
We will discuss the tricks and some rules you need to follow to rank your blog or website on google. For SEO tricks you can read my other posts.

Post and Update regularly

If you have a blog or website then post regularly about your niche or business. The more you update the more regularly google will crawl your website and you will have more content and keywords to rank your site.
Posting new content is not the only thing, you need to update your old content regularly. Take the example of Microsoft or Apple, they launch new software at regular intervals still they provide updates for their old Software unless and until it becomes irrelevant.
So update your content with new tips, tricks, or information. It sends good signs to google or any search engine that you are serious about your site.

Add open graph meta tags aka og tags

Adding open graph meta tags or og meta tags enhances your link building as it shows an auto snippet when your link shared with your site description, image, title, and other details.
Open graph meta tags

Add twitter og tags

Like og tags, Twitter has its own sets of og tags known as twitter og tags which helps you to produce snippets of your link on Twitter.
twitter og tags

Add schema markup

Though it has introduced by google long ago there is only 5% website who are using it. Adding schema markup enables rich results and gives you an upper hand in competition with rivals. On WordPress, you can add this by Yoast SEO plugin or can add it manually by pasting the code. The code looks like
<script type=‘application/ld+json’>
      “@context”: “”,
      “@type”: “EducationalOrganization”,
      “name”: “Upskill IQ”,
      “url”: “”,
      “logo”: “”,
      “image”: “”,
      “description”: “Upskill IQ provides the best online python, data science,machine learning, full stack web development and other courses for beginners and professionals in Bangalore.”,
      “address”: {
        “@type”: “PostalAddress”,
        “streetAddress”: “2nd Floor,No.4,BTM 6th Stage, 2nd Phase,2nd Block BDA 80 feet road,Hulimavu”,
        “addressLocality”: “Bangalore”,
        “addressRegion”: “Karnataka”,
        “postalCode”: ” 560076″,
        “addressCountry”: “India”
      “hasMap”: “”,
      “openingHours”: “Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su 09:00-18:00”,
      “contactPoint”: {
        “@type”: “ContactPoint”,
        “telephone”: “+919535152591”,
        “contactType”: “Sales”

You can create the script from from the following site.

Use of Social Media and Other Services

There is no better tool than social media if you want to rank your blog or website higher and faster. There are several social media for use like


You can use Facebook to promote your business or blog. It allows you to create a business page and the same can be utilized for your promotion. Post there regularly and ask your family, friends, and followers to like and share those content.
Join like minds group and you can share your ideas over there and can gain new ideas.
You can try a small paid campaign if you like. you can target a special area or Pincode.
Twitter is another nice platform to promote your business or blog. Create an account, write a killer bio, and start following common people and ask them to follow you back. Post updates about your business and sometimes provide an URL of your website. You can add # to create more impressions or target any specific location by adding the trending # of that location.
Pinterest is not exactly a social media rather it is a content-based search engine and according to studies after google and YouTube, people prefer Pinterest to search for things they need. So leaving out the third best search engine is not a good idea.
To create an account, then create a board and start pinning. You can even pin the same post in multiple interesting ways. in Pinterest pictures act like triggers, so create some awesome pictures according to your content and pin them to your board.
If you do it properly then I can guarantee you that within three months you will get more than 1000 visitors daily from Pinterest only.


Quora is a question-answer-based platform where people ask questions about several topics and other people try to answer them. You can search for previous topics before posting a new question.So being active there also can increase your traffic and business both as you can find more serious people over there.
You can answer questions about your niche and once in a day or two, you can insert your URL for reference. So in this way, you can both create backlinks and also bring traffic to your website.


Instagram is another social platform you can use, on Instagram you can’t post your URL unless you have 10K followers. Create your Bio and put the link in that, post regularly with trending #.  This will increase your post visibility and hence the followers.
You can ask them to visit your link which is in the bio.


LinkedIn is considered the professional people’s Facebook. Here like Facebook you can connect with people, join groups, can create a business page. I will advise you to create a business page on LinkedIn and invite other like-minded people to connect with your page.
 Most of the people on LinkedIn are professionals and you can find serious buyers or visitors for your website if it is anything related to current tech content.
P.S- If you are creating a business page in a new ID then you will be required to provide a business email ID and also keep in mind that you need at least one connection to create your business page. Connect with some people you know first.


After google YouTube handles the most queries from visitors, YouTube is primarily a video content website where you can promote various things through video.
People nowadays prefer videos to solve their queries or even educate themselves. You can create interactive videos and be a problem solver.
Interact with viewers in the comments section, you can integrate the same video in your blog by HTML code pasting.
Having both a blog and a YouTube channel can boost your followers or visitors as it both the platforms complement each other.


Slideshare is a presentation community, where people download and share slides built with PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument. If you have a LinkedIn account, then upload the presentation and link back to your site from the profile and description field


Dailymotion is a video-sharing website and is one of YouTube. It’s easy to get backlinks from Dailymotion, just upload your YouTube videos to Dailymotion and add your website links to the description.


Dribbble is a community of designers, and you need a photo or photoshoot to upload and link it back to the description directory. Use Flat icons and a free stock photo to create a shot-like designer in Photoshop.

It is the only social networking site whose domain is limited. Insert documents, research-related papers, and add external links to the document. Your document will automatically preview the HTML on the site.
Social Media and News


Reddit is a social network of external links, and a member of the public can easily submit web content links such as articles, photos, videos, and more. Write text posts to get the best backlinks benefits from Reddit.


Digg is a news link and getting links from Digg will require a very high-quality article related to the latest news. Digg does not add a follow-up tag because they do not publish their main content.


Imgur is a photography website and an excellent source for getting GIFs. Share a photo or GIF to Imgur and add links to the description caption. You can create a full GIF from video creation and share the site.


Flickr is a website for capturing photos and videos and this is a useful resource for getting free photos of web content. Many blogs and sites use Flickr images for their text and product content and are linked to the manufacturer’s website. Share photos on Flickr and add links to the description field.


DeviantArt is a community created for Artists and Composers. Post art or publish magazine content for a link from the source. Email verification is required to write journal entries.
Create Backlinks that really works:
Creating backlinks, rather than quality backlinks are considered the hardest job in Digital Marketing because it has no particular script.
It varies for every website or blog. According to your niche, location, and other factors, the backlink building strategy changes.
I will provide you some websites from where you can get easy backlinks.
Check this space for more news and the list of websites.

Download the file to find out the links where you can get the Do-follow backlinks.


Do-follow backlinks and directory submission.


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