Latest Blogger Update and its features

New blogger update 2020



After WordPress, Blogger is still the second most preferred platform for blogging. The Google platform is still free where you can also add your custom domain as per your preference. 

When I started blogging in 2006 blogger was the most popular platform for blogging and preferred one too. But with time different CMS platforms came in which were more SEO friendly and google did not update the blogger platform much as compared to WordPress or others. Due to which platforms like WordPress, Drupal and others marched ahead of google.


But in 2020 google is making some real changes on blogger and has updated it with some new features. The Latest blogger update makes it easy for blogger and also your blog looks more professional as compared to previous one.


So what are The Latest Blogger Update!

Google firstly made some changes to the traditional layout by giving it a fresh look , then it added more font type support to make it look more professional. Also, it added some new themes to its default ones.

The latest to the addition is the blog post ideas by google.

Blogger post Ideas new

Ok, so let me explain how it works. If you already have a blog with blogger and you have already written some post then google will determine your niche area.

For an example as my blog is about SEO, SMM and Digital marketing related then google will give me new ideas about SEO, SMM and Digital marketing. These ideas are picked by google when there are queries but not enough post to show.

Mostly the new post ideas are unanswered queries in google.

So what is the benefit?

Why should you write posts about these ideas?

Because these are mostly fresh and unanswered topics on google, so when you write post about these ideas then google will send traffic to your blog  and if they validate that your blog has answers to their question then within no time your blog will start ranking as writing about these queries does not require much of keywords, backlinks or any other off page SEO technique.


Google is providing you topics to write which are fresh. So you don’t have to worry about keyword placing, keyword density or backlinks as these will be not required that much.

With that if your post is engaging and solves the issue of the reader then it will get automatic backlinks , which we call as organic backlinks. These backlinks are best as it attracts both traffic and search engine.

So, read all the ideas given by google and choose one at a time. Do proper research and then write your whole experience wrapped in words.

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