The all-new features of Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the free analytics tools that can be used for traffic analysis of your blog or website. It is well-equipped with features to analyze and implement changes needed in your blog.

Website Content – which pages are most popular? Which are the best landing pages and which are the top exit pages? Are the results what we would expect to see, if not, why?

Acquisition – where are people coming from? How are they finding the website? Are there any opportunities we might have missed?

Tech and Browser – What’s the site being viewed? What does this tell us about the behavior of the website’s audience and their technology requirements?

Bounce rate – How are people behaving on various pages throughout the website? (It is important to keep in mind here that for a few sites a high bounce rate could be helpful, whereas for others it might be bad.)

What are the new advantages of new gtag

By upgrading your current Google Analytics label (analytics.js) into the most recent label (gtag.js), you will benefit from:

• Future-proof transformation dimension: Benefit from the most recent features and integrations as they become available so you’ll be better equipped to keep on measuring conversions right if non-Google changes happen.

• Code-less tag direction: Turn measurement features off and on inside your Google Analytics account without needing to manually alter tags on your webpage.

• Quicker and easier integration: Seamlessly implement and integrate with other Google products, like Google Ads and Google Optimize.

You can find the International website tag (gtag.js) on your Analytics accounts and apply it directly on your site or via Google Tag Manager. 

Copy the tag and paste it under the head tag where the old tag was pasted.

What the new Google Analytics tag changes to your SERP

Now when you are searching keywords in google it will show you the position of your blog or website for that particular keyword.

Let me explain, if I search Ahrefs webmaster tool in google search then it will show me where my post is ranking for the particular keyword , with total impressions and click through ratio.

With all this metrics, google also suggests ways to improve my ranking for the particular keyword.

Below image show how the new feature works

Google Analytics new feature

Show update your website with new gtag and utilize the new feature without logging into your search console account for several times.

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