Backlinking Strategies – Intermediate Tips For Improving Your Page Rank With Backlinks

Backlinking Strategies
Backlinking Strategies


Backlinking is the backbone of most effective SEO strategies and helps to drive sustained long-term success for your online business. Backlinking Strategies are an important factor to consider before you really start building them.

Creating quality backlinks with your chosen niche topics to related content on your main website can, in most instances, actually help to rank your website quite well for more specific, targeted keywords.

One way to increase your backlinking success is to implement a well-designed backlinking scheme often referred to as a “backlink pyramid”.

Essentially, this backlinking method involves linking one webpage to another with links coming from each page that you own and operate in conjunction with one another. This is a great way to build backlinks quickly, test them in Google, and generally improve your page rankings.

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Backlinking Strategies

In order to effectively build backlinking relationships with the relevant domains, you first have to build your page authority.

This is done by ensuring that you have valuable content on the specific domains and that these pages rank well in the Google organic and paid search listings. The best way to ensure that your content is both informative and useful is by ensuring that it is optimized for the particular keywords that you’re targeting.

A simple example of this would be optimizing an article for a particular keyword (let’s say dog training) in order to drive targeted traffic back to your main website.




Once your page ranking and your content are sound, you then need to focus on backlinks.

One way in which you can increase your backlink network is through the use of the more generic or specific domains that can help to boost your ranking.

One example would be a website flipping where you take an expired domain and re-name it in order to obtain some additional backlinks and ultimately increase your page ranking.

There are also specific niche directories where you can purchase backlinks from.

Once you have a solid page ranking and backlink network in place, the next step is how to gain more exposure.

One popular form of gaining exposure is through Article marketing.

Simply write articles around your particular niche topic and submit them to the relevant article directories such as EzineArticles and GoArticles or other article submission platforms.

By doing this you not only expose yourself to the rest of the world, but you can also gain some extra page rank if you’re doing well in the organic and PageRank searches. You can also consider guest posting for sites with high page ranks on your own domain authority site.

Another method that I’ve seen used quite often by those just getting started in the internet marketing business is building a blog.

This is not necessarily for the purpose of gaining page rank, but it does allow you to provide quality content for the relevant domain so that it will rank higher.

Some people believe that blogs provide instant traffic, but I’ve found that it tends to be very much random which you shouldn’t take too seriously.

If you want to increase your page rank and increase your click-through rates, I would suggest trying to create a blog rather than a website because blogs are generally hosted on individual servers and can be much easier to get backlinks from than websites.


Finally, one other way to increase your page rank and increase your click-through rates is through guest posting. Guest blogging is the practice of hiring another webmaster or blogger to write on your behalf and you in return receive a backlink to your own site.

The benefit of this is that the content you provide is unique, and you can use it as content for your own blog, EzineArticles, and other article directories. The downside to guest blogging is that it can be hard to obtain quality bloggers willing to write for low pay and with little or no guarantee.