Get More Customers Through These 7 Search Ads Platforms


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The process of promoting your products and services on the internet to increase the sales of the products and services is known as online advertising. Search engine advertising is the most important form of internet advertising.

The process of placing the ads of the products and services on the web pages that appear in the search results is known as search advertising. With the help of search engine advertising, you can place the ads in the other publishers’ content.

Businessmen can use these ads platforms to drive more customers to their websites. Here, we will discuss the best search ads platforms to get more customers.

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If we talk about the best PPC advertising platforms, we will know that Google AdWords is the best PPC advertising platform. Using this ads platform, you can drive targeted traffic to your business website by using specific keywords.

It is also the best ads platform to run the advertising campaign according to your budget. Google is running this advertising platform. You can use this ads platform to show your website at the top of the search results against specific keywords.

Using this search ads platform, you can also run ads of your products and services on millions of third-party websites. Google is the world’s most famous search engine. Therefore, by using this platform, you can drive millions of visitors to your business website.


It is a less popular search ads network. Anyhow, it is the best alternative to Google AdWords for those businessmen who have less budget. It will show ads on those websites only, which will sign up with their network.

When they sign up with their network, they will share the revenue with these websites. After showing ads on these websites, they will cut some amount from the accounts of the businessmen. This search ads network is full of millions of cheap keywords.

Therefore, you can easily drive enough customers to your website by spending less amount. As an advertiser, you will have to bear their larger changes per click if you are using a large search ads network. Most of the small advertisers can’t bear these expenses of the advertising platforms.

Therefore, this is the best platform for small advertisers to drive enough customers to their websites by spending little money.



As we know that the popularity of search ads platforms is increasing among advertisers. That’s why lots of search ad platforms are appearing with unique twists. The main focus of this advertising company is on niche content.

It means that it will show the ads of your products and services on those web pages that have the content relevant to your website’s niche.

This kind of advertising platform has lots of benefits for advertisers. First, it will increase the CTR of their advertising campaigns. Secondly, it will increase conversion rates. As an advertiser, if you want to use this platform, you will have to select the targeted keywords.

This platform will show the ads of your products and services on the relevant content only. To my extent, it is the best platform to drive targeted traffic to your business website.


It has become an emerging platform to show ads of the products and services to the targeted customers. Most advertisers have started to realize the importance of this advertising platform. The targeting options of Facebook Ads are impressive.

You will not find these kinds of targeting options on any other platform. By using this search ads network, you don’t need to focus on the keywords. Instead of focusing on the keywords, you will have to focus on the people’s likes and interests to show the ads.

The most important benefit of Facebook Ads is that ad blocker is ineffective against it. If a user uses an ads blocker, he will still see the ads in the news feed. On the other, the users can easily block the other ads networks’ ads by using ad blockers.


Research by a coursework writing service shows that some advertisers have issues with Google AdWords, and they prefer to look at new ad platforms. If they are looking for an alternative to Google AdWords, they should use Bing Ads.

The functionalities of the Bing Ads are just similar to the Google AdWords. That’s why millions of advertisers are using this platform to show the ads of their products and services to the targeted people. When you sign up for the Bing Ads, you can run ads on the Yahoo and Bing search engines as an advertiser. It is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google.


As a digital marketer, you can’t deny the importance of search ads platforms like LinkedIn. By using this search ads platform, you can convey your message to the targeted audience.

By using this platform, you can run your ads on LinkedIn in various places. First, you have the chance to run the ads of your products and services at prominent places on LinkedIn.

For this reason, you will have to search for the most prominent places to place advertisements. It is also the best platform to show in-mail ads. You can also use this platform to show the featured company ads and spotlight ads.


Either you are running a small business or running a large business, you can use this platform to show the ads to the targeted people. You can create tweets for the promotion of your products and services. After creating these tweets, you can reach these tweets to millions of people. If you want to grow the official Twitter account of your company, it will also increase the number of followers. When your Twitter account has millions of followers; you can easily send your message to these millions of people without promotion. Twitter is also offering lots of ways for advertisers to advertise their products and services. This is also providing an opportunity to monitor real-time analytics of the ads.

Wrapping Up

If you are into business and especially related to a business associated with the internet, putting ads on these platforms will certainly help you. It is up to you to decide the platform according to your budget and your business’s nature. If you have any queries or suggestions related to the topic, you can comment or write to us.