What Are The Major Differences Between Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting?

Differences Between Shared Hosting Vs. WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting


If you plan to start a new website or blog, then the first two things you will need are domain and hosting. If you start exploring hosting plans on different platforms, you will surely come across two hosting plans, i.e., are shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

So what is the difference between shared and WordPress hosting?

The two most popular hosting options are shared hosting, where you share resources with thousands of other users and have to take control of all the technicalities yourself and manage hosting, which provides you with a lot of services and plugins and basically takes the site management on its shoulders. 

In shared hosting, you can use any technology to create your websites, like the HTML coding method or any CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or many more, which your hosting supports.

So if you have a multi-site hosting plan, then you host multiple websites on different technologies. For example, if I have a business plan shared hosting and have three websites, I can make my one website with HTML coding, the second with WordPress, and my e-commerce website with Magento or Shopify.

So what is WordPress hosting? Technically, WordPress hosting is almost the same as shared hosting, but the only difference is the allowed CMS is WordPress, or you can only create websites or blogs using WordPress, which is the most used CMS system.

Price for shared and WordPress hosting

If you compare the price for shared and WordPress hosting from different hosting providers, you can conclude that there is not much price difference. You can see the price comparison of shared and WordPress hosting of Hostinger and Bluehost in the below picture.

hostinger hosting plan
bluehost hostinger plan

Above are two price comparisons of Hostinger WordPress hosting, and Hostinger Shared hosting and Bluehost WordPress hosting, and Shared Hosting.

Extra facilities in WordPress hosting

Facilities are almost the same when you compare WordPress and share hosting. In WordPress hosting, you get auto-updates for your WordPress version, cache facility, and other dedicated WordPress facilities.

 Managed WordPress facility is provided in WordPress Hosting where the website security, speed, daily backups, and website uptime is managed by host unlike in Shared hosting.


If you plan to buy a hosting and are not sure of the technology or CMS going to be used for the website, then better to go with shared hosting. 

But if you are quite confident about your future website that it will be built with WordPress, you can go with WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting needs less expertise as most of the technical aspects are managed by the hosting provider. So you can concentrate fully on creating content for your website.

There is not much price difference between WordPress and shared hosting, so price should not be an issue when choosing either one.

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