Best Indian Blogs to Read by Famous Indian Bloggers in 2021


If you are looking for some best Indian Blogs that should be read by famous and top bloggers in India, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to know what are the best Indian Blogs that should be read by Famous Indian Bloggers and you to motivate and inspire by reading their blogs and blog posts.

Best Indian Blogs to Read by Famous
Best Indian Blogs to Read

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website where a blogger publishes pages and posts so that people can visit and read them.

If you are a blogger, then you can create your own website and put your ideas on that website, spread your knowledge to the public, and the best thing is that you can earn money from your blog.

So, basically, a blog is a website where you submit data and make it public so that people can access that data from their browsers.

What are the best Indian Blogs to read by Famous bloggers in India?

Time to know what are the Best Indian Blogs to Read by Famous bloggers in India. Here are the top 10 Blogs that every famous blogger should read in 2021.

1. – is India’s largest review platform. If you are going to buy some products or read the best reviews of any type of product, you can visit This famous blog is owned by Faisal Farooqui.

2. – is India’s largest startup blog. You will find a number of stories about successful people and leaders here. This famous Indian blog is owned by Shraddha Sharma.

3. – is India’s largest Tech blog.The blog posts topics that cover all the tech issues and updates. This famous blog is owned by Amit Aggarwal. Amit Aggarwal is a Google Developer Expert in Google WordSpace and Apps Script.

4.    Online-Tech-Tips: – is another best Indian blog that covers all the tech news, updates, and issues. This famous blog is owned by Assem Kishore. We personally recommend you to visit and read this famous tech blog.

5. – is one famous Indian Blog that writes about blogging tips, how-to guides. If you have any doubts and issues regarding Blogging, Hosting, SEO, and all. You can visit this blog. This famous Indian blog is owned by Harsh Agarwal.

6. – Bloggerspassion is India’s other famous blogging tips blog. This blog tells you all about blogging guides and tips. This famous Indian blog is owned by Anil Aggarwal.

7. – BloggingX is the famous blogging Tips blog, where Akshay Hallur, the owner of this blog, shares the content about the blogging guide, tips, and solutions.

8. – Very famous and best Indian Business and Tech Blog, which is owned by Arun Prabhudesai. This blog publishes content about business news and tips, technology updates, and issues. The blog has monthly traffic of 1.34+ Million users.

9. – This famous Indian blog describes itself with its name. The blog shares kitchen recipes and shares cooking tips, guides, and tutorials to the visitors. This famous kitchen and cooking blog is owned by Archana Doshi.

10. – is an Indian Famous Digital Marketing Blog. If you are looking for online courses and digital workshops, this is the best blog for you. This famous Indian blog is owned by Pradeep Chopra.


Is it beneficial to follow other bloggers?

Of course, yes. With all experienced souls, you learn something. You must check how they are promoting their posts. Check the way they are building the community. Not always a paid method works.

There are freeways too. Every blog starts with zero or single-digit traffic. By following them, you can ease your task as you now have the right path to learn from.

Avoid buying their course or e-books. There is a lot of material available on YouTube. Start with free-ways and once you get some traction, upgrade to paid options.

How to create a Blog?

Okay, if you are thinking to start a blog, then you must know how to start a blog, and we know you are thinking the same. So here are a few simple steps to create and start a blog.


Look at these simple steps to create your first blog in 2021: –

1.    Choose a good hosting for your blog.

2.    Pick a domain that relates to your blog.

3.    Install WordPress on your hosting account so that you can easily create your website and start writing your blog post.

4.    Create and Design your website and start writing your first blog post.


We hope you know the best and famous Indian blogs to read, wrapping up with this article. If you have any doubts, queries, and suggestions related to this article, please comment below.

Thank You.

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