The importance of digital marketing for new companies in Singapore

digital marketing in Singapore

Digital marketing must be on your mind if you want to set up a company in Singapore. With an 84% internet penetration rate, your chances of reaching potential customers online in Singapore is very high. On top of reaching a large number of people with your efforts, 98% of Singaporeans between the ages of 25 and 34 log onto the internet in some form daily. This means with the right strategy, you can effectively deliver your marketing material, gain users’ trust, and finally, convert them into customers. 


If you are an entrepreneur thinking of starting your business registration in Singapore or a proud owner of a new company, this article will be a good guide for what type of marketing strategy you should adopt. For a newly set up company in Singapore, funds will always be a problem, and digital marketing is a cost-effective and useful marketing strategy to start with.


So why should you consider digital marketing?

Many business owners and people preparing to set up a company in Singapore wonder if digital marketing can work for them, or even better, how it can work for them. Great news for them; digital marketing is a vast world from quick and short pieces of content that last seconds to long-form content built to withstand the test of time. Some companies rely heavily on content marketing and organic means of making their audience. At the same time, other businesses focus purely on paid strategy for acquiring new customers.

Sometimes, even before you complete your business registration in Singapore, you should already consider setting up a digital marketing campaign for your company. This is to ensure that you have potential customers interested in your brand even before you complete your business registration in Singapore! You can even gather feedback from them to further improve your product or service before you launch it publicly.

We have listed the main reasons why you should engage in digital marketing for your newly set up company in Singapore below.

Turn customer service into a benefit:

Digital marketing comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional media; you can reach potential customers and interact with them in real-time to figure out exactly what they need. This will benefit companies that have just completed business registration in Singapore, as a new company will lack the funds to launch a traditional marketing campaign.

The old mindset on customer service is to have an email address or phone number with a person ready to receive any complication that may come to mind. However, this strategy is dated and reactive instead of digital marketing, which proactively solves issues before they arise. With the proper plan, you can turn your already established messenger channels and groups into customer service portals where you can track the quality of your customers’ experience through every step of their journey.

Having a robust digital strategy also means you can field questions your customer may have at the exact moment they have it. Features like this are what will differentiate your company from your competitors and increase conversion rates on-site. 

In a world where all companies compete for the same customers through the same social channels, you only have one lever left you can pull. To ensure you come out on top, proactive customer service meshed with your digital strategy in order to make your newly set up company in Singapore more accessible than ever to your customers and leads.

Start collecting data and personalizing the experience:

Create brand recognition and loyalty by repeatedly exposing potential customers to your marketing material. You can track everything from post replies online to in-store purchases due to your digital ad campaigns. Suppose you have the data on your customers and know how to use it effectively. In that case, you can create a user experience so unique no company could even dream of replicating it.

We only have access to so much of the data available on social platforms such as Facebook. However, what we do have access to is more than enough to get started. For example, on Facebook, you can target your ads to users who have expressed an interest in specific niches, movies, hobbies, or even public figures. Beyond these interests, you can target different age groups, locations, genders, and even the device the user is on.

From here, you can craft a strategy for your newly set up company in Singapore, and begin to introduce your brand to users, and gain their trust enough to start collecting your own data, such as an email address to begin with. From here, the possibilities are endless from what you can learn about your leads and customers through the use of surveys, promotions, and any advertising material.

Effective surveys sent to your customer’s email list are a great way to figure out your customer’s wants and needs. You can find out what product you should launch next, why customers choose you over competitors, what you can do to improve the experience and any other question you may want to ask the people who are in the market for your product. All these are vital data for any entrepreneur who has just completed business registration in Singapore, as you can immediately start on your marketing strategy. 

Use your competitors’ campaign to your advantage.

Your competitors aren’t waiting for you: Another reason you should get serious about your digital marketing strategy is your competitors! Every day you procrastinate is another day your competitors have a comprehensive open platform without your brand’s presence getting in the way of their campaigns. 

For you to succeed, you need to not only beat your competitors to new platforms, but you also need to learn how to be the absolute best before your competitors do. The first-mover advantage gives you a huge head-start on the competition. 

With new features on platforms like Facebook, you can even see what ads your competitor is using to draw in new traffic. This gives you the opportunity to craft a better offer or position yourself in a different light.

In summary

Whether you run an established business or you’re just registering your business in Singapore, one thing is for sure: Your business will not succeed without some digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing in Singapore is extremely important, but don’t take our word for it. Statista predicts ad spending for digital campaigns in Singapore to surpass $738m in 2020, making up almost half of the total expenditure on all forms of ads.

If you don’t already have an ongoing strategy for consistently collecting new leads and nurturing those leads into customers, this article was for you. We hope this is the article that will wake you up to understanding the time is now. Take action and seek out a consultant or marketing agency to help you and your business take the next step towards reaching new customers online!

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