What is the best way to store my bitcoins?



If you don’t know the way to store your Bitcoin then you don’t know anything for securing your BTC but no more worries. Here, we are going to discuss securing your crypto in the best way. If you’re a trader you must need to secure your bitcoins efficiently as you can use them anytime. I know that there are too many questions scrolling in your mind related to securing your crypto but I assure you after reaching the end of the article your all doubts will be cleared. Let’s start to discuss. As I’m going to explain the bitcoin paper wallet technique and BTC paper wallet generator

Bitcoin Exchanges to store BTC

The first but the least way that is using by people is exchangers. The exchanger is not good for securing your money because now some hackers are working as exchangers to hack your currency because in exchanging services your key in not in the hold of you but there also some most reliable exchanging companies in which some of them get back your bitcoins in case of hacking but it’s a risky situation and I think it’s not too safe to place your currency in this and I am not advising you to use this.

Store BTC in USB

The second way to secure your bitcoins is the drive method is usually using but not preferable. It only uses in case when you need hardware bitcoin’s storage. In this type of storage, you can put your bitcoins in any USB Drive and there is no high chance of hacking. Your millions of amount looking the same in a drive because it’s a virtual currency. It takes no more effort to keep in any drawer or count it. The drive-saving system also contains a key or a passcode for security purposes. You must need to check that the drive is free from viruses otherwise your data will be corrupt and not possible to recover it. This drive storing system may not be bad.

Wallets to store Bitcoin

The third and most satisfying method is a wallet method and in a wallet, I would recommend you to choose a paper wallet. In a paper wallet, you have your all details such as an address, QR Code, and a private pin located on a paper, and no one can be a hack or corrupt your account because in this case your private key is in control of yours it’s like your own wallet or own storage system. You can send and receive the money by sharing this address. A paper wallet having more accessibility than others. You should take multiple prints of your paper wallet to take backup in stealing and losing purpose. A paper wallet is a little bit annoying because your all bitcoins are in just a piece of paper but it’s the best way to secure your money.

There are too many ways to secure your bitcoins but we discuss the three most preferable that are mostly used. From the above three methods, I would recommend you to choose a paper wallet because a paper wallet is reliable, simple, and more efficient than others. You can recover it easily in case of stealing. Remember that no key means no money, not to share your private key with anyone otherwise anyone can easily get a hold of your currency.



While choosing a place for keeping your crypto, keep in mind that it should be easy to send and receive because in trading we need to send and receive money at any time.

I hope, you like this article. The above information increases your knowledge and clears all your misconceptions and doubts and hopefully, you select the best one according to your need as well as choice.

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