According to Nordvpn, the number of VPN users will increase during the 2021 Olympics

vpn users will increase during the 2021 Olympics

This Friday, February 09, the 2021 Olympic Games will begin. They will take place in PyeongChang, South Korea, and billions of viewers are eagerly awaiting this event. It is an opportunity for the athletes who will participate to protect the honour of their country. If you don’t want to miss any important event, also consider using a VPN and opt for direct TV or Streaming to watch each competition. According to Nordvpn, the number of users of this service will double in the near future of the top VPN apps for iPhone


The rise in VPN users: why?

The Olympic Games attract billions of viewers around the world every year. In 2016 for example, during the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over 3 billion people watched the event. This year, that number will increase even more as new technologies keep getting better.


However, there is one problem that affects many websites around the world: geo-censorship. With this blocking, it is impossible to access various foreign online content. In the case of the Olympic Games, for example, the event broadcasting sites will only be accessible in certain countries. This is where the VPN comes in, which will give a new IP address to the user and allow him to pass himself off as an Internet user located in another country even if he is not really located there.

For example, to unblock an inaccessible US direct TV site in France, you will only have to connect to an American VPN server. With the provided US IP address, you will be able to connect to all geo-censored US sites. No wonder Nordvpn claims that the number of VPN users will increase in a few days and this is true because many Internet users who will not be able to travel to South Korea will use this service to unblock sites.


Popular VPNs

Here is the list of VPN which could see their turnover increase within a few days:


  • Nordvpn: in 2016, during the last Olympic games, this VPN operator increased its sales by 100%. No wonder because it is one of the best VPN currently. He still expects better results this year. It is more efficient than  Protonvpn.
  • Hidemyass: Hidemyass is also one of the best VPN currently. Moreover, it has already been voted the best VPN of the year on several occasions. What is interesting about this VPN is that it has +850 VPN servers located in +190 countries around the world. It is very secure and it is also very easy to use.
  • Strongvpn: This VPN is very secure with its military-type encryption rate which reaches 2048 bits. By using it, you will therefore be able to bypass the attacks of hackers. But this is not its only advantage because it is also perfect for unblocking geo-censored sites on the Internet. This year, on the occasion of the South Korean Olympic Games, its fans will therefore not be surprised if the operator doubles its sales.

 The VPN file

Wrapping Up

These are some very popular VPN services, if you use any other or you have any suggestions then you can comment below.

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