Best Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021


Instagram Marketing Tips
Instagram Marketing Tips


We will discuss the best Instagram marketing tips that will increase your digital presence and ultimately your marketing.

Instagram has become a creative hub to enhance its brand with photos and videos. By strategically planning a marketing move, businesses can reach their particular target audience locally and nationally.

Instagram is no longer a social media for entertainment purposes rather it is used for personal branding and business. These Instagram marketing tips can make your digital footprint on the web.

In this Binyameen’s article, let’s take a deeper dive into who’s actually on Instagram. Only in the United States, 130+ million people use Instagram. In particular, according to Statista, the age limit for the US user of Instagram was broken in:

•                 63% of 15 – 35 years old

•                 56% of 36 – 45 years old

•                 47% of 46 – 55 years old

•                 32% of 52+ years old

This means that half of the American population under the age of 45 is on Instagram, although teens are more active on this platform than other social media platforms.

So, you can not only know your brand presence on Instagram but also make sure that you are reaching your ideal customers. We’ll cover the best tips you can implement today for quick engagement and growth.

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Instagram Marketing Strategies and Tips

#1. Use a Business Account

After joining Instagram, you will be allowed to choose whether your account will be a personal account or a business account. It is important to start with a separate business account to establish and grow your business presence and strategize and ensure that Binyameen’s Instagram marketing tips for small businesses are implemented.

#2. Select the Correct Profile Picture

If you’re working as a brand, your brand logo should be your Instagram profile photo. This helps establish credibility and enables visitors to see who you are at a look.

#3. Improve Your Profile and Bio

Your Instagram profile and bio give your audience a first look at your brand. So, it needs to be engaging and informative. Working with an Instagram profile business is a difficult thing because it is limited in space.

You only have 30 characters for your business name, and in just 150 characters, you need to make a first impression on your Instagram bio.

Fortunately, we can also find more fields in our profile to show your brand/business and make it easier for people to find you. These include Your name, Your username, Your Website Link, Category, Contact information, and Call to Action Button.

Tip #4. Explain Your Goals Clearly

Instagram marketing purpose make an online presence for your business, increase brand awareness, establish your business as an industry leader, sell maximum products directly.

You may also want to connect many results. But unless you understand where you need to take your Instagram strategy. So, firstly make a strategy for Instagram that contains posting schedules and other necessary tasks. If you want your strategy to succeed, you can buy Instagram followers Canada and likes to increase your presence on Instagram. This will make your Instagram account grow faster.

#5. Determine Your Perfect Times to Post

When it comes to your audience, the same marketing purpose. Find out when your audience will hang out on Instagram. By running your business account, you can gain this information by studying your insights.

#6. Get Maximum Reach with Ads

There are many reasons why you might want to advertise on Instagram. Ads will help you get more followers, leads, likes. Facebook Ads Manager, which also allows you to create Instagram ads, gives you a full range of targeting options based on interactions, interests, shopping habits, and more. It offers a wide range of options to choose from, such as image and video ads, story ads, and more.

#7. Set Up Maximum Instagram Stories

Your captions can tell stories that make your brand feel more humane and build deeper connections with your audience. Whatever content you create must be tailored to the needs of your audience. To get more audience’s attention, you can use pictures/photos and videos in stories. Stories can help you to display specific product catalogs.

#8. Take Benefit of User Generated Content

User-generated content enables your audience to engage with your brand. This is cost-effective because the content created is created by the audience and approved by them. Regardless of your field, UGC can go a long way in turning consumers into supporters of your brand.

#9. Use Right Hashtag Wisely

Hashtags are a key way to increase your visibility and discovery. Using the right hashtag can greatly affect how many people will end up looking at your posts.

Try to find keywords that include trending and industry-related keywords that your followers will relate to. You can use 30 hashtags in Instagram posts. But you don’t want to use that many hashtags. It’s also a good idea to research hashtags specific to your brand.

They need to be kept short, memorable. Thebinyameen recommends you use five to nine hashtags per post. So, choose hashtags that are relevant and specific to your niche. Don’t follow or encourage such exchanges (think #like4like or #followme)

#10. Pay Attention to Your Instagram Engagement

The engagement is king on Instagram. Without adding anyone to your content, your posts will not reach a new audience. So how do you increase your engagement? You increase your engagement by using hashtags, publishing the types of content your audience wants to see and using Instagram post features like sliders, polls, and questions.

#11. Take Advantage of IGTV

IGTV, although considered to be in short supply now, has a few advantages over smart marketers. IGTV offers a unique mobile-friendly layout that works well for everlasting content such as interviews and features.

#12. Collaborate with Influential People

Influencers on Instagram are usually the sleeping leaders within your industry who can show your products/services to their audience. By engaging with them, their audience’s trust will translate into the trust they place in your brand. With the right amount of resources, tools, and guidance, influencers can reap tremendous profits.

Another new tool they introduced is the Instagram Reel Instagram TikTok response. Instagram has released reels that will allow users to upload 15-second clips. And since it has just been released, it has increased marketing potential.

#13. Sell Products Directly from Instagram

With a business account, you can use Instagram Shopping, a feature that lets you create shoppable stories and posts. It’s like an additional store that exists separately from your website and gives more people access to your product. And you can show them off in fun, exciting ways.

Wrapping Instagram Marketing Tips

These were 13 Instagram Marketing Tips to increase your digital presence and sell. If you have any suggestions or questions then you can write us or comment below.