Use Mobile Tracker And Know About The High School Fears Of Your Teen

My husband has a job that demands frequent transfer after every3-5 years. It was all a fairy tale, dream life until my daughter was in school. As now a transfer meant a change of high school, friends, teachers, company, and in her words her whole life. We all tried to sugar coat this change but nothing worked as she was different from my boy who welcomed this change with open arms. We were so worried about this whole stuff that my husband even thought about skipping a whole school year to let her settle in the new environment. But I was not in that favor, so I found out about the mobile tracker app the OgyMogy and planned to know all about my daughter’s fears through her cellphone.


Want to know how I did it well here is the whole story.

Get In their Text Box:


First of all, I know that she must be discussing all this stuff with her best friend so I tried to sneak into her text box by using the text log feature of the spy app. I knew all about it in detail as the spy app lets the user know about text contacts and content quite easily.

Listen to Their Rants:


Another weird habit of today’s kids is that they will filter their emotion in front of you but will share every ounce of it with friends and other age groups. So A spy app gives you many versatile features and I used the main two to listen to her rant in detail and tried to find out about the real problem. Those two features are

·       Call Recording

·       Mic Bug

Call recording feature let the user listen to call detail along with the caller detailed information. All the details of incoming and outgoing call history are saved with complete timestamp information. I found out about hours on call with her teachers and friends and knew about my daughter’s many problems. It all helped me to start taking careful action and measures to resolve these issues in time.

Mic Bug lets the user listen to all the surrounding voices through the mic of the target cellphone. So I learned about the details of the girl’s day out and conversation with her aunt.

Found Out About Her New Hobby:

TuIt turnedut that one of thmy daughter’s basic worriesas about not finding a talented violin teacher in her new school. As I found out about her new hobby through her bookmarked folder and youtube history. There was a bundle of websites in the favorite bar that was about the basic lesson, tips, and tricks about violin lessons. Moreover, the youtube screen recorder feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app report about every video searched on the platform. So all we need to do is search for a school that has a violin class and a good teacher. As it was a recent hobby so even I did not know about her passion. But thank the spy app we timely find out about that.

Ask The Best Friend “Social media”:

The last thing to do was ask her best friend, i.e the social media platform as she shares everything with. The whole list of spy app monitoring features offered by the spy app helped me out to know about the details, online friends, and much other stuff remotely. The main helping feature was the Instagram spy app, Facebook spy app, and Snapchat spy app.

The spy app helped us so much in solving this matter.  Before that, I could not even imagine the worries of my teen. But after using the spy app and thinking with her perspective and point of view, we all including her father and elder brother have worked together to help her get out of this anxious bubble. I am glad that we are almost there as my teen announced on the dinner table a few days ago about a school that she wants to get admission. Is in it a piece of good news?  The only way out seemed was skipping school thankfully we have been successful to avoid that path.

Contributed By Sulina Williams 

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