Easy step-by-step process of eCommerce website development in 2021

 Many people dream of being a business owner, but launching a business was challenging, even before the internet. Currently, eCommerce website development and selling products digitally are within reach for anyone who has the skill and enough time. Establishing any kind of business is work. Thinking of a product idea, and developing or sourcing your products is a huge first step you’ll have to make. But the process of eCommerce website development itself can usually be finished within a day or two.


Even if you haven’t tried building a website before, the available tools now guarantee anyone can make an online store without major issues. At the end of this article, you’ll know how to look for a great product and niche for your eCommerce business, how to choose the best eCommerce platform Singapore site, create your site, and the methods you can take to boost revenue.

Begin with a Strategy for eCommerce website

To make sure you will be successful with eCommerce website development, start with a strong technique. Even the simplest eCommerce platform Singapore site has features that need to be perfect for your business. It’s necessary to foresee your challenges and essential needs as you grow your business. If you’re planning on selling physical goods, think about how you want to work with the shipping ahead of time.


Choose the best website builder.

There are multiple eCommerce platform sites available online that are not hard to use. Some of the features are affordable, while others are expensive. Here are some of the best website builders for your eCommerce website development.







Pick a domain and platform

Is a personalized domain necessary for your eCommerce website development? Actually, it’s not. You might need it for your eCommerce website, but if you’re planning on selling a wide range of items and extend or develop your brand, a personalized domain is a way to go. You need to choose the right eCommerce platform Singapore provider for your business. You may decide to create an eCommerce site on a platform that is versatile and not complicated to use. A lot of small business owners don’t have any problem with hand-coding their platforms.

Solo entrepreneurs and business owners require an eCommerce platform Singapore provider where they can effortlessly use with their current website. Otherwise, if you don’t have an eCommerce website yet, you will take advantage of a platform that enables you to develop a website from scratch.

Think of the pricing and choose payment methods

There are 3 important features of payments when you’re building an eCommerce site. You need to think about your products’ pricing, how you want to receive the payments, and in what way you will get those fees into your bank. You may start from the very beginning or growing your local business on the internet. Either way, the digital industry has multiple perceptions of how you will price all your items.

Design the website and put products

Another important step in developing an eCommerce website is to make some design into your online shop. Aside from your products, think about what other things to include. It is essential to add a contact page and about us page as you develop an eCommerce site to help prospective customers get in touch with you. You can also consider adding some videos and texts to your pages.

When starting to build an eCommerce website, make sure to include your:

     Store name


     Payment logos and trust marks

     Logo (for recognition and branding and recognition)

Establish an exceptional checkout experience

The plague of online sales is shopping cart abandonment. There are a lot of studies and surveys taken to check cart abandonment and it is found out that more than half of customers visiting eCommerce websites left things on their online shopping cart. It can greatly affect your way to growing your online business as well as improving your sales.

     As you build the eCommerce website, you can avoid cart abandonment by:

     Allowing buyers to buy a lot of items at once

     Providing free shipping in your local area if possible

  Inform the consumers about the upfront shipping costs (if there’s any before checking out)

     Ensuring that you upgrade your checkout for different kinds of devices.

Hire an expert developer

Developing an eCommerce website takes a lot of research and plenty of time. However, you will get a satisfying end-result. With the help of the steps mentioned above, you can just use any eCommerce website development mediums and begin building your dream online store. Make sure to double-check what you’re doing and make a comprehensive strategy before executing it. If you’re still not sure how to do it, hire an expert developer at Digital Solutions. We are experienced developers who can help business owners build their own eCommerce websites. Book a consultation today.


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