How to Earn Good money By Sharing Photos On Instagram

I will tell you how to earn good money by sharing photos on Instagram. What if I could earn a living sharing photos? It’s actually pretty simple, and it’s not a scam.

What kind of income can you earn when you share your photos on Instagram?

First things first: you can earn money from Instagram on a daily or weekly basis just for sharing content. This sounds complicated but in fact, it’s quite simple to do it: you just need to share as much content as you like and take pictures as often as you like.

You can earn between $2 and $10 per post on Instagram. In case you prefer to share some money every week on Instagram, you can easily earn $20 for sharing each week. If you share every week, you can easily earn $100.

In case you do share every month, you can earn $500 per month, or $20,000 a year. Find out more about earning money on Instagram: Earn money on Instagram Collecting your daily income Sharing on Instagram is easy.

A picture is worth a thousand words and so is earning money. Be selective with the images you share on Instagram to earn as much money as possible.

On Instagram, the most important image is the one you can collect and share on a daily basis. You can get all the views and likes for a picture on Instagram without ever sharing it. This is why Instagram users always spend money on images they can get almost immediately without having to post anything.

Most people who have tried out Instagram earn money by sharing images as many times as possible and earning the highest number of likes or followers. If you have a high number of followers, then your photos earn more views, which is why you will get more revenue.

Ways to earn money from Instagram

You need to grow your Instagram first and if you don’t know how to grow Instagram fast and easily then read our post on how to grow your Instagram followers fast.

You need to market your own Instagram account fast so that you can start earning money from it. Many people find it difficult to use Instagram on PC as they have a larger screen to do things better. But do not worry, you can not only use Instagram on PC but also use its all features available on mobile.

By brand promotion

You can promote brands if you have a decent number of followers then you can earn money by promoting brands.

By paid post

Other than brand promotion you can also earn from paid posts. These posts are not always from brands. Even small-time businesses, shops, services can pay you to post about them to give their business a boost.

Affiliate Marketing

When you get 10K followers then you can add links to your stories. You can do affiliate marketing through it.


A shoutout is when a person or a Page with a large number of followers chooses to post a photo from another user’s account and credits him/her so that the mentioned Photo can get more exposure as a result of their popularity.

You can charge for every shoutout.

Selling Instagram accounts

You can grow a new Instagram account when you get enough followers and interaction then you can sell the Instagram account to others who are looking for accounts that are already grown.

The amount can vary according to the no of followers and niche.

Why do you need to post every single day on Instagram?

Posting every single day on Instagram pays well. Instagram is all about earning money, and the most important thing for any Instagram user is earning money. When you post on Instagram every day, you earn money, and the best way to get paid on Instagram is by sharing pictures.

People always share pictures on Instagram, and the pictures they share generate the most income. People spend money on pictures they can get instantly by sharing them with their followers.

Sharing more pictures on Instagram means more revenue, so you need to post as many pictures as possible to earn as much money as you can. Besides having many followers on Instagram, you need to post pictures regularly and as often as possible to get as many likes as you can.

Make sure you share as many photos as you can each day on Instagram to make more money. You can start earning money today by following these steps:

  • Share pictures on Instagram at a normal pace.
  • If you do it every day, you can be rewarded.
  • If you post pictures regularly, you will get some likes from your followers. This is why it’s important to post on Instagram as often as you can.
  • Set your posting schedule according to what works best for you. Keep posting for at least 5 days on average each week, even if you don’t get any likes.

What do you need to post every day on Instagram?

These are some kinds of photos you can share on the social media app Instagram and earn. But keep in mind what you should not share also.

  • Photos from your camera
  • No video footage or photos of money
  • No tags
  • No personal profile pictures
  • No pictures showing you doing something like running, swimming, or even doing yoga
  • Plenty of followers
  • Photos that show the sunset
  • Photos from Facebook, Instagram, or another photo-sharing service
  • Photos where there are no people
  • Photos of the price tag of products you like
  • Photos where it’s raining
  • Photos of the scene where you got the car
  • Photos of places you visit regularly
  • Photos of things that you buy regularly
  • Photos of food you eat regularly
  • Photos where it’s raining or a different time of day
  • Photos from the weekends where you don’t wear your normal clothes
  • Photos where you are eating and drinking outside
  • Photos of food or drinks
  • Photos where the environment looks amazing
  • Photos from vacations
  • Photos where you are doing sports like skiing, surfing, or playing soccer
  • Photos from events you attend
  • Photos that you earn money from
  • Photos of better quality than most photos you get
  • Photos of you with other people
  • Photos of sunsets
  • Photos that earn money for Instagram
  • Photos that earn money for Instagram
  • Photos of cars you don’t have
  • Photos of cars that you have
  • Photos that earn money for Instagram
  • Photos where you are showing off your car
  • Photos of expensive items
  • Photos of things you like to buy regularly
  • Photos of famous people
  • Photos that you find interesting
  • Photos of money that you spend
  • Photos of luxury brands
  • Photos of Instagram pages you like
  • Photos of luxury brands you like
  • Photos of clothes you wear
  • Photos of expensive watches you have
  • Photos of shoes or other luxury items you have

Other Photo sharing platform from where you can earn money

  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • iStockPhotos

Wrapping Up how to earn good money by sharing photos on Instagram

These are simple hacks to earn money by sharing photos on Instagram. You can follow these simple tricks and make your Instagram a money-making app for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us or comment below.