8 Integral Features of a Video Editing App

Video editing is a common practice in the contemporary era. People edit videos for different purposes like content creation, video illustration, align memories, assemble different useful clips, add important notes, greetings and wishes. Mostly in the official sector, people hire professional video-making agencies and use heavy editing software. But using video editing apps is also a great option because it is more feasible, easy to use, and free of cost to download.

These apps not only give your video a professional look but also allow modifications in the previous videos to add creativity and new ideas. Many small businesses with limited budgets use such apps to edit videos for their advertising campaigns instead of using expensive animation services. Efficient and credible video apps are more likely to generate better revenue than a low-quality game app development company or unauthentic traveling app agency.

Following are some of the best integral features of video editing apps that play a vital role in its steadily increasing demand.

1.    Trim and Merge Videos

This feature allows the users to shorten the length of the video and cut unwanted parts. It also enables you to zoom in, mark, and blur a particular section in the video that you want to enhance or hide. It helps you to combine two or more videos and amalgamate different short clips into a single file. It performs these tasks within seconds and saves your time.

2.    Sound Effects

Sounds effects are the most prominent component of videos that attract the viewers and grab their attention. A video editing app has its own sound effects with a variety of emotions. These sound effects include cheerful music, rock music, sad tones, calm and peaceful ringing, onomatopoeia, birthday bells, and much more. Other than these inbuilt sounds, it also allows you to add the music of your choice that you can select from your mobile playlists and sound cloud, etc. Further, you can insert more than one sound effect in a video or can create a song mash-up with a multi-music option.

3.    Themes and Filters

Themes decide the transitional effects of a video. It allows the users to set the appearing and disappearing style of video clips. Also, the themes allow you to add different background effects like rain, snow, night mode, sunlight, and many more. Filters allow you to manage the brightness, color, contrast, exposure, and saturation of the video. Also, if you are editing a personal video you can change its backdrop screen and give your video a new setting.

4.    Add Text, Stickers, and Emojis

You can add subtitles with this feature to illustrate the subject. Also, you can create a small message box at the corner of your video to mark a particular aspect. It allows you to include different announcements via text in your video. Stickers and Emojis are the additional features that reflect the whole mood of a video and leave a great impact on the viewer’s mind. Stickers and emojis can also be added to navigate or symbolize a hidden idea in the video.

5.    Select Video Quality

The actions you perform in a video editing app don’t disturb the original quality of the video; instead, it enhances the quality and refines pixels. Most apps allow you freemium editing options with the range of 480p to 1080p. You can create a higher quality video by unlocking their VIP packages.

6.    In-App Purchase

In-app purchases allow you to buy premium features like getting access to the VIP video quality packages as said above. Using premium features you can also remove the watermark of the app from your video, find new stickers and font styles for text editing, and a lot more.

7.    Download and Share Videos

After getting done with your video editing, you have the options to

  • Save it to your phone gallery
  • Share it directly on your social media platforms

8.    Push Notifications

According to The Tiny Tech, you can put on this feature in your video editing app settings to get notifications about the new offers and packages to make your experience better and more professional.

Final Note in Video Editing

Nowadays these apps are widely used by YouTube video creators to edit their vlogs and other informative content. These apps are an effective tool to market your business through YouTube and social media.