Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas and How To Start In 2021

I will reveal some very profitable micro niche blog ideas in this post and explain why they have a higher success rate than multi niche or broad niche blogs.


In the world of blogging, micro niche blogs hold a special place, from which many people earn a lot of money, and many people maintain multiple micro niche blogs of different categories and topics.

So is it that easy? Or difficult? Let us know how you can start your micro blogging career.


Is blogging profitable in 2021?

Questions are arising in many people’s minds whether we should do blogging in 2021, whether there is any future of blogging, can we earn money from this.

So the simple answer to this is that there can be no better time to do blogging because, as you all know, the world is currently locked in lockdown, and many things are happening online.


The work which used to be done from office, now gradually all that work is being done from home.

As an example, I tell you that suppose a software engineer works from home right now who used to works from the office. So does he have all the same occupation or facility that he used to get in the office?

And the answer is no.

So even though he cannot keep all the equipment or facilities at home, yet the bare minimum facility is definitely to be kept at home for work. Like a good laptop, a wifi connection, a mouse, a chair, a table, and many small things that he would need while working from his home.

So where will he go to buy all this information or get information about it?

He will go online or search online only which laptop is better for him, which mouse is better, which earphone should he take and many more. So you can do both ways in it like you can provide information or do affiliate marketing as well.

How to start blogging for free? And How do you create a micro niche blog?

If you are a new blogger and not too sure about blogging, you can start blogging for free. For this, you do not have to spend even ₹ 1.

You can create your account by going to the blogger platform and start your blog there. However, in the Blogger platform, you do not get your own domain; rather, you will get a subdomain. But if you want to start, and you do not want to put too much burden on your pocket, or at all, then you can choose Blogger. Blogger is the second largest CMS platform in the world after WordPress.

And if you are serious about blogging and want to make a career in it or want to get involved in it for a long time, my advice would be to get a WordPress hosting and start your own WordPress website.

Because on WordPress, you will find many tools or what we call plugins, with the help of which it will be easy for you to do SEO, speed up your blog or do many other things. You will also find many themes on WordPress, whether it is tree or free. But Blogger has a lot of constraints. But still, if you want to go for free, then you can go with Blogger.

Which niche is best for blogging?.

After choosing your platform for blogging, the second biggest task is to choose your niche. The niche is a particular subject on which you create your blog. For example, laptops can become a niche for you, on which you can write articles on your blog. You can write articles on different types of laptops, or companies producing laptops, or on spare parts of a laptop.

What is micro niche blogs?

When You go deep down a niche and break it further into a smaller size, it becomes a micro-niche. So, for example, let us consider that your niche area is laptops, then your micro-niche can be RAM for laptops or hard disc for laptops or any particular brand of laptop.

What are the advantages of selecting a micro niche blog?
  • The best advantage of selecting a micro niche blog that you can build your authority in no time. That means both Google and your audience will come to know that you have expertise in the subject.
  • You can gain your expertise in your area very quickly
  • There is less competition in this kind of websites
  • You may not gain high traffic (I mean 100000 visitors per day), but you will get quality traffic, and what I mean by saying that? You will get the traffic which are targeted or who are interested in your blog.
  • You can start doing affiliate marketing with your micro-niche blog. These micro-niche blogs perform better when compared to niche blogs or broad niche blogs.

Where can I find micro niche blog ideas?

Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas

The first step in choosing your micro-niche is to decide which topic you are interested in, which you never get bored with when reading content or watching videos or doing research.

If you select a topic for money sake about which you have no idea or interest, you can never become a successful blogger. So the first and the biggest rule is that you should be interested in the topic you are thinking to start a blog.

There are many small topics or micro-niches to start blogging, such as a computer or laptop or any of its spare parts, such as a cricket bat, a tennis racket or a golf kit.

The first step of choosing your niche is to know your interest.

The second step is to research about it.

Finally, the third step is to decide which audience of which country you want to target, according to which your strategy may vary.

In today’s time, you can get affiliate marketing on everything that you can think about. For example, if you buy a shoe online, you can do affiliate marketing for it. You can also be blogging on the subject.

For example, let’s consider some content ideas for a shoe blogger.

What should be a shoe for jogging, a shoe for a runner, the ideal shoe for a schoolboy, or what a girl wants to wear or a college-going boy. Which shoe would be fashionable, what kind of shoe would be good for an office going man, etc.

And what are the most profitable blog niches? Or best micro niche for blogging 2021?

I am going to tell you some profitable Micro niche blogging ideas that you can start but it is up to you whether you have knowledge or interest in the subject.

  • My first subject idea is Golf Kit– Golf, as you all know, is considered a rich people’s sport and its gears come very expensive. And you can earn a good commission if you do affiliate marketing. And such sites are infrequent. So you can definitely start this micro niche blog. It is one of the best micro niche for blogging,2021.
  • The second blog niche is on Health or Health care. You can further go deeper to choose the micro niche blog idea. For example, slimming is one of the best micro niches for blogging in 2021. Write about how people reduce their obesity or stay fit.
  • The third one is coupon as your micro niche. You can also make a coupon website. People look for coupons before buying any goods online so that they get some extra discounts. These keywords have a high search volume. Below is an example from the Google Keyword planner.
Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas
Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas
  • You can make a recipe for a specific item. For example, suppose you made a blog on the chicken recipes or your blog on fish recipes or created a blog on a different cold drink.
  • You can also create a micro-niche blog about any particular city. For example, suppose you are from a small town or a small district, you can write about many things in that district such as a place to visit, places to eat, people there, and many more.
  • One fantastic micro niche is washing machines, where you can compare washing machines of many companies and can also write posts about one specific washing machine.
  • Gadgets are next on my list. Again, these sites attract heavy traffic; also, you can earn a good commission from affiliate marketing.
  • Property and housing blogs can be a profitable micro-niche with less competition and a high earning opportunity as these are very expensive commodities.
Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas
Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas
  • Insurance is another very profitable micro-niche area with a high search volume, and you will have thousands of topics to blog about. You can further go deep to choose your micro-niche area like life insurance, vehicle insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, health insurance etc.
  • Small scale business ideas blogs are the new trend in blogging. In 2021 people are searching to start their own business with less investment. You can suggest new ideas with all the required details like capital, workforce, machinery, skill and other details. You can further break the niche into micro by writing posts about a very particular industry related. Like- How to start a food Van in 200000 Rupees.
  • Credit cards are now more common than they were before 10 or 15 years ago. So companies and banks are offering credit cards to their customers more easily than before. So the searches regarding credit cards in the past 10 years has gone up, and it will only go up in the future. So you can start a micro niche blog about a certain type of credit card or credit card from a certain bank. But this has a small condition with which you should have a sound idea of financial and banking terms. You also can take the help of an expert or let them fact check your post before you post.
  • Pets blogging is also one very profitable and targeted niche that can bring a lot of traffic to your website. You can further break down the niche into smaller topics to start your micro niche blog journey.
  • The next micro niche blog idea is gardening. You can post ideas like rooftop gardening, soil gardening, pot gardening or any particular type of gardening.
  • Home Improvement is one of the best micro niche blog idea you can implement. These kinds of blogs earn a good amount of money from ads and affiliate marketing,
  • Medicine is an all-time high volume micro niche blog, and there will be no down period for these kinds of blogs. But to start a blog related to medicine, you need an expert with a certificate who will write for you or cross-check your content so that you can put his name in the content so that it looks more authoritative.
  • The next micro niche blog idea is the iPhone. This is one of the most searched terms in Google, which has a high CPC (Cost per Click). You may get less traffic than a movie website or lyrics website, but when you compare the revenue you generate, then you will much ahead of them.
Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas
  • You must have heard such short forms many times, about which you will not have any idea. And immediately you have taken out your mobile and started searching on Google to know the meaning of that short term. Do not panic, this happens not only with you but with many people around the world. Our next Micro niche is based on that.

Here are some keywords with search volume and CPC of the full form niche.

Keyword Country Difficulty Volume CPC Global volume
rip full form in 2 191000 0 193000
upsc full form in 0 150000 0.5 151000
ott full form in 10 132000 2.5 134000
atm full form in 0 126000 0.5 128000
ips full form in 3 125000 2 126000
msme full form in 4 122000 0.3 122000
ssc full form in 0 117000 0.5 118000
phd full form in 5 100000 0.9 103000
neft full form in 3 94000 1 95000
ncb full form in 3 93000 0 93000
bba full form in 2 92000 0.8 95000
ed full form in 5 91000 0 91000
llb full form in 3 90000 0.6 91000
iti full form in 0 89000 0.6 89000
trp full form in 4 89000 0.09 90000
bts full form in 0 84000 0.6 86000
kyc full form in 2 83000 0.8 83000
bca full form in 3 82000 0.4 82000
tbh full form in 2 81000 1.8 81000
computer full form in 3 79000 1.3 80000
ntpc full form in 0 77000 0.01 77000
rtgs full form in 4 73000 0.6 73000
neet full form in 0 73000 0.4 73000
wifi full form in 2 72000 0.35 80000
tds full form in 6 72000 0.7 73000
cid full form in 2 70000 1.1 71000
ceo full form in 0 70000 0.5 72000
mla full form in 0 68000 2 69000
sop full form in 2 68000 0.07 72000
icse full form in 1 67000 0.2 68000
pcs full form in 3 66000 2.5 67000
emi full form in 1 66000 2 66000
gst full form in 7 66000 0.2 67000
upi full form in 1 64000 0.6 64000
ctc full form in 4 63000 0 63000
nda full form in 0 62000 0.4 63000
cv full form in 0 61000 0.5 66000
dsp full form in 0 59000 1.5 60000
bpo full form in 1 59000 0.6 59000
icu full form in 0 58000 1.6 59000
pdf full form in 0 57000 1.3 59000
full form of ok in 2 57000 0 58000
ncc full form in 2 57000 0.5 58000
sdm full form in 0 56000 2 56000
ok full form in 3 54000 0 55000
opd full form in 0 53000 1.6 54000
crpf full form in 0 53000 0.01 53000
pwd full form in 0 52000 1.5 53000
ups full form in 0 52000 1.1 53000
noc full form in 1 52000 1.7 53000
bsc full form in 0 52000 2.5 54000
dp full form in 0 49000 2 50000
rto full form in 4 49000 1.6 49000
cpu full form in 0 49000 0.5 49000
iso full form in 1 49000 0.5 50000
cng full form in 0 49000 0.7 49000
  • The next micro niche blog idea is about the APK website. Here is an example of some keywords that has keyword difficulty less than 5 in the Ahrefs tool.
Keyword Difficulty Volume CPC Clicks Global volume
oreo tv apk 4 73000 103258 77000
thoptv apk 1 30000 35586 32000
hd streamz apk 4 22000 23172 26000
oreo tv apk download 3 13000 18940 13000
pocket tv apk 3 8900 9709 9300
apk full form 3 8600 0 3282 8900
jiotv apk 4 7700 7685 7800
pocket tv apk download 2 7700 7700
thoptv apk download 1 7700 8949 7800
parallel space apk 5 5600 0.4 4746 18000
shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk 5 5600 6373 8000
vidmate download apk old version 4 5400 5501 6000
getinsta apk 2 5200 5900
gogoanime apk 2 4900 1875 11000
vidmate apk download install old version 4 4800 3903 5100
vidmix apk 3 4700 5135 5000
locanto apk 1 4600 3460 4600
torrent search engine apk 3 4600 0 2573 5300
get insta apk 2 4400 4400
xhubs apk download 0 4400 5300
youtube blue apk 0 4300 6000
  • You can start your micro niche blog about any particular software you know. You don’t need knowledge of hi-fi software like Python or Machine learning to start your blog. You can start a blog for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. People ask tons of questions regarding their problems with these tools.
  • My next micro niche blog idea is ‘Jobs’. You don’t need to post Jobs all over the country, in a micro level you can focus a state or even a city. Below is a screenshot of Job keyword traffic and CPC.
Micro niche blog
  • The next micro niche blog idea is exams and its preparation. If you are from Asia and especially from India, you know how students and their parents search for different kind of exams. Below is a Keyword report for exam niche. It has immense traffic potential.
image 5

Why do blogs fail?

Blogs or Bloggers fail the most because they are not regular. So many people come into the world of blogging thinking that very soon they will earn money from here or become a huge entrepreneur. But out of a lakh, there is a man with whom this happens very quickly. Otherwise, one thing is sure to happen to everyone, that is it will take time.

  • So the first thing you have to do is to learn. Learn from everyone and everywhere. Everyone has some knowledge, so try to acquire that.
  • The second thing is you have to be regular. Set a regular pattern for your blog work and follow that religiously. Google loves regular people and hates those who don’t have set a pattern.
  • And the third thing is that you have to keep patience. Blogging is like medicine, it cant do wonders overnight, but once you get your formula of success, then it’s a delightful journey.

If you believe this thing, then today or not, you will definitely get success in blogging, and surely you will start earning good money from it.

What has replaced Blogging?

Perhaps some Indian or Pakistani, or Bangladeshi might think that the videos will replace or have replaced blogging, but it is not so. Even today people all over the world like to read blogs and this trend will continue even further. Yes, in certain things, the videos are a bit ahead compared to the blogs, but it is not that the videos have replaced blogging in everything under the sun.

Wrapping Up

So this was your first step how you can start your one micro niche blog, what things you have to pay attention to and what you should take care of. If any question is in your mind, then you can ask us through the comment.


What are the most profitable blog niches?

Some profitable blog niches are House, Insurance, Credit cards, Loans, Health and Fitness, Travel, Electronics, Gaming, Vehicle etc.

How do I create a micro niche blog?

Buy a domain and hosting, then install WordPress and customize your website. Do proper keyword research about your niche and choose some targeted keywords and their LSI keywords. Do SERP research and see how others have written about those topics. Now start writing one by one and publish it on your blog.

What is micro niche blog?

A niche within a niche is called micro-niche. So, for example, if your niche is Health and Fitness, then “skincare”, “hair”, “teeth care” can be your micro niches.

How do I find a micro niche for my blog?

The first thing is your interest, select a niche in which you either have knowledge or have interest. You can use Google Keyword planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush or UberSuggest to find out the exact micro niche within your niche which has volume and decent CPC.

Do micro niche sites still work?

Yes, micro niche sites still works and it will in future. You may not see high traffic compared to a multi niche website but micro niche blogs/websites are far more easier to grow than multi niche websites.

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