Instagram is offering heavy rewards to make Reels compete with TikTok

Instagram is attempting to challenge TikTok’s dominance in short videos by heavily investing in its own version, Reels. To that end, Meta, which was previously Facebook, devised a bonus program to encourage creators to unleash their creativity on the platform.

In other words, they began paying cash to both small and large content creators; and we now have a fairly accurate idea of how much Instagram is offering to promote its version of TikTok.

In this vein, reports from Business Insider and Tech Crunch reveal how much individual creators are paid for their Reels, as well as how many views they must receive to receive the maximum bonus payment, and we can tell you that it is a great deal.

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Instagram is willing to invest thousands of dollars in the Reels bonus system.

According to the sources cited above, creators such as Sam and Cori Werrell, who have 283,000 followers, are paid an average of $ 35,000 if their Reels receive at least 58.31 million views in a month.

Smaller creators, on the other hand, have been offered smaller sums. Maddy Corbin, an Instagram creator with around 52,000 followers, was offered up to $1,000, but she says she knows of others who were offered $600 or $800. These bonuses, however, appear to be increasing over time, as another creator with only 24,000 Instagram followers confirmed receiving $ 8,500 for 9.28 million views.

There doesn’t appear to be a set price range, which makes sense given that Instagram confirmed to various portals that the bonus program is still in its early stages.

Similarly, we do not know what determines eligibility to be eligible for the bonuses (aside from an account with a decent number of followers), but the truth is that the program is real and many influencers have had a screen similar to the one shown above, which details the premium system.

In terms of the system’s development, it is clear that Instagram and other social networks with similar functions, such as YouTube Shorts, are keeping a close eye on TikTok’s meteoric rise and do not want to be left behind.