Do not know how many things we keep searching on Google every day. But these 10 tricks are going to help you more in searching anything on Google.

When searching for something specific, try using double quotes (" ") to minimize the guesswork for Google search.

Use '-' to avoid a certain word in the search result. The word after the minus symbol will tell Google to omit results containing that word.

Use a colon to search all results from a specific site. Example - Pamela Anderson, will give results from NYTimes only 

When you use an asterisk (*) in a search term on Google search, it will leave a placeholder that may be automatically filled by the search engine later.

To Find sites that are similar to other sites just type related:site url and it will give you all similar sites. Ex- '' will give you similar sites like Amazon.

Insert two periods (..) between numbers to search for a range. Example - 'computer $400..$600' will show you results between $400 to $600.  

If you're looking for a specific kind of file on the internet, use filetype: to search only for uploaded files that match your query. Example- filetype:pdf

If you want to find meaning of a word then dont search for dictionary rather search on Google just adding 'define' term before the word.

If you want to know the time of any city or country, then you do not need to go to any website, just type in Google 'time space the name of the city of the country.'

Similarly, if you want to know about the weather of any city, then just search on google 'weather space name of that city'