Spotify maintains its dominance as the leading music streaming platform. However, Spotify's market share is rapidly dwindling as competition heats up. Here are some of the most popular Spotify alternatives.

Bandcamp does not collect personal information from its users and allows artists to set their own prices. Bandcamp, unlike Spotify, allows anyone to submit tracks to the platform.

The massive music library on SoundCloud contains over 265 million songs and podcasts. To access the entire content library, you'll need a SoundCloud Go+ subscription.

YouTube Music exploded in popularity, becoming one of the world's largest free music platforms. With its higher-than-expected subscriber numbers, YouTube Music has earned some serious street cred.

With Amazon Music Unlimited, you can ask Alexa to find new artists for you while you sleep, organize songs by mood, and turn your Fire device into a karaoke machine.

Apple Music's library contains millions more songs than Spotify's, and the Apple Music team recently added lossless audio support for improved sound quality, optimizing the entire streaming experience.

Pandora was one of the first streaming services to hit the market in the early 2000s, and the app has evolved significantly since then. Pandora, like Spotify, employs an advanced audio coding file format.

Qobuz became the first app to offer truly high-resolution streaming quality in 2007. The Qobuz library does not have as many songs as Spotify's, but it is still a great alternative.

Deezer's home screen allows you to quickly search for all of your favorite artists, browse recommended playlists, discover new tracks in any genre, and receive personalized recommendations.

JioSaavn has quickly established itself as the world's leading live-streaming app for Bollywood and other Indian music. The app, which has over 100 million subscribers, provides a high-definition audio experience.

`Tidal claims to have an audio library that is even larger than Spotify's, and it also claims to have some hard-to-find independent artists from a variety of genres.