The inventor of the helicopter is the Kyiv aircraft designer, who emigrated to the USA, Igor Sikorsky. In 1931, he patented a design of a flying machine with two propellers.

The prototype of the future CD was invented by the post-graduate student of the Kyiv Institute of Cybernetics Viacheslav Petrov in the late 1960s.

Anatoliy Malikhin, a Ph.D. in medical sciences created a unique device called “BioPromin” exploring more than 100 blood parameters at once.

Life Saving Capsule- Volodymyr Taranenko developed a capsule that separates from an aircraft in a matter of seconds, which allows passengers to be saved.

Vladimir Havkin (Waldemar Haffkine) was the first in the history who created a vaccine against plague and cholera. He worked first in Odessa, and later in Paris.

Liquid Scalpel- This tool allows removing malignant tumors without damaging the vascular system. The streaming technology has been successfully tested on animals.

A resident of Kharkiv, 48-year-old Oleg Zbarsky, created a car working on compressed air. The car can speed up only to 40 km/h, but does not produce any harmful emissions.

Anti Hurricane Device intended to protect the coasts from hurricanes was developed by the associate professor of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Rivne State University Victor Bernatsky.

Sergei Korolev is a designer of Soviet rocket and space technology and the founder of astronautics. In 1931, he and Friedrich Zander made a public organization for the study of jet propulsion.

Ukrainian Ivan Puluiyev constructed a tube, which later became a prototype of modern X-ray machines 14 years before the German Wilhelm Röntgen.