Google is most used search engine in the world founded on September 4, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. 91.9 percent searches occurs on Google but there are some other cool search engines too. Lets find out

The second most popular search engine is Microsoft’s Bing, securing a good hold in the online market. It is more of a visual search engine offering different tools to users for a better experience.

If online privacy is what you seek, then DuckDuckGo is the best alternative to Google for you. It has quickly gained popularity because of the user privacy it offers. It does not track your activities like other search engines.

Brave is a browser that prioritises privacy and recently launched its own search engine. Brave Search Beta was released in June 2021, and Google was decommissioned as the browser's default search engine in October 2021.

Ecosia has been around since 2009 but its a surprise that not many people are aware of this free search engine. In fact, for many users, it could be a great alternative to Google. The tag line of the search engine is 'The search engine that plants trees.'

Yahoo! Search has been around longer than Google, and a small percentage of netizens still use it for daily searches. It is not far behind Bing in terms of popularity, ranking as the fourth most popular search engine.

Qwant is yet another privacy-conscious search engine that claims to never collect your personal information for ad targeting. Qwant, as a privacy-focused search website, shares many features with DuckDuckGo.

Search Encrypt is a metasearch engine that prioritises privacy and ensures the security of your online activities. Because it uses local encryption to secure your searches, the website claims that it does not track any identifiable information about users.

Aside from retrieving search results, StartPage provides a proxy service for browsing websites safely and anonymously. It has a custom URL generator that eliminates the need to set a cookie in order to promote cookie-free internet.

SearX does not collect your data and instead provides unbiased results from multiple sources in order to make the internet more free and decentralised. SearX is an open-source Google alternative that is open to the public for source code review and contributions on GitHub.

Yandex is a very popular search engine in Russia, accounting for approximately 55-65 percent of the country's search market. It is also widely used in some parts of Europe and is the world's fifth largest search engine.