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Facebook ads vs. Google ads which one to choose in 2021

Facebook ads vs Google Ads

facebook vs google ads

Google and Facebook are considered the two biggest giants on the internet today. They have a huge user base that is spread across the world.

As per Wikipedia, there are 4 billion active internet users and almost all use Google every day. Now that’s a huge number, is not it??

At the same time, Facebook has a user base of 2.5 billion which makes it the biggest social media platform. 

So what are the benefits of using these platforms for your marketing

  • They have a huge user base as compared to other platforms.
  • You can always target the right audience for your marketing.
  • Great analytics support makes it easy for your future advertising.


Difference between Google and Facebook ads

Google Ads contain SEM for their own search engine, their partner search engine, YouTube ads and banners ads on their affiliated websites and blogs.
SEM or search engine marketing is related to ads shown when someone makes a search for a keyword and if your website is related to that keyword then Google will show your website market as an ad.
google ads keyword planner
The Facebook ad comes under SMM or social media marketing. You can boost your Facebook page reach, post reach, can get more website visitors, can get more messages, get more leads, etc. you can create brand awareness, local awareness, post, and page engagement.
facebook ad formats

There is no straight or generalized answer about who is cheaper. But in most cases, Facebook is cheaper than google. 
The cost depends on many factors like 
  • Campaign goal i.e. what end result in you want to like more post like, more page visit, more website visitors, more conversions, etc.
  • Audience (demographics, territory, income, age, sex, language)
  • Placement
  • Sector, industry
  • Ad format
Remember google places their ads on the search engine where the intent is more clear compared with social media.

Both of them have a huge user base so no matter where u put your ads, your reach is going to be huge. But there is the basic difference between the two internet giants, one is primarily a search engine and the other is a social media platform.
In both cases, the reach will be huge but before choosing your platform you should consider the fact that which one will give you more conversion.


So which platform will give you more exposure or more sales completely depends upon your business model. 
For example, if you are a travel blogger and want to promote your blog so that your number of visitors increases on your blog or you have a blog that is more into film or TV serials then a Facebook ad is better. As it will be less costly and it can be promoted in between the like-mind people who are interested in the same things.
But if your business model depends more on sales rather than visitors where you want the high conversion rate then Google has a slight edge over Facebook. Because when we search for a particular item we are more likely to buy or hire that in near future.

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