How to send WhatsApp message to Email address in 2021

How to send WhatsApp message to Email address

Today, we will discuss how to send Whatsapp message to email address so that you never lose your important messages that you want to store for a lifetime. Whatsapp is one the most used messaging app in the world right now. It had active monthly users of more than 2000 Million in March 2020. The … Read more

How Safe Is Airtel Payment Bank in 2021

airtel payment bank

Everyone gets curious when opening a new bank account as it is related to a monetary transaction. So today, we will discuss how safe is Airtel payment bank and should you open an account with them. Also, I will guide you through the process and tell you the merits and demerits of the account. How … Read more

8 Integral Features of a Video Editing App

Video Editing

Video editing is a common practice in the contemporary era. People edit videos for different purposes like content creation, video illustration, align memories, assemble different useful clips, add important notes, greetings and wishes. Mostly in the official sector, people hire professional video-making agencies and use heavy editing software. But using video editing apps is also … Read more

7 Steps To Make An Effective E-Commerce Application In 2021

e-commerce application

An e-commerce application is an application solution that helps your business stand out. Various online businesses employ a string of tactics to help them stand out. One of them is by focusing on their application solution. Moreover, while every business has an exclusive marketing channel, like a website, social media, or a blog, most of … Read more