Computer Crashes When Playing Games? | How to check graphics card

Computer Crashes When Playing Games

Does your computer crashes when playing games? Have you ever wonder why it happens and what is the reason? I will explain every reason for the crash and will also provide you solution that will resolve your issue. if you are playing high-end games on your PC then these three things certainly have significant importance. … Read more

How to design a proper cable assembly: Buzz from Industry Expert

 What is Cable Assembly? Cable Assembly is perhaps the main components of an electronic or electrical framework. It is fundamentally a gathering of wires or links that are coordinated and incorporated into a single unit and it is made of heavy-duty materials like thermoplastic rubber. Cable harness assembly is specially intended to transmit electric force … Read more

Know what is IoT (Internet of Things)

  IoT(Internet of Things) The Internet of Things or IoT is influencing our lives and lifestyles both from the way we react to the way we behave. You can control your smartphone to Smart Cars from air conditioners, providing the shortest route or your Smartwatch, which is tracking your daily activities. IoT may be a giant … Read more


What is Cloud Computing There is no cloud in Cloud Computing, it is just a name that has been given to this service. Traditionally we use local storage or our PC storage to store data but using cloud computing enables us to use storage space over the internet that has been provided by a service … Read more