Amazon Echo Show 8 2nd Generation Released

On Wednesday, August 25, the Amazon Echo Show 8 2nd Generation was released in India. The new model is an improvement over the original Echo Show 8 that Amazon brought to the Indian market last year. The Echo Show 8, first-generation is also available on Amazon and the price has been dropped to Rupees 8999. … Read more

How to take screenshots on HP and Dell

How to take screenshots on HP and Dell

In this post, we will discover how to take screenshots on HP and Dell PC. We will discuss with windows default app, with software, and with the chrome extension. HP or Dell mostly runs on Windows software. Currently, the latest version of Windows is Windows 10, however, Windows 11 is around the corner. Once Windows … Read more

When To Replace The Projector?

replace the projector

When should I change my home cinema projector to a new model or replace the projector? Here are a number of signs to consider for its replacement. Should I repair a video projector or Replace The Projector? The video projector market also offers you a very wide choice. In this sense, you can find models … Read more

Windows 10 Shortcuts keys that also work in Windows 11

Here we will discuss today Windows 10 Shortcuts Keys that also work with Windows 11 that has been launched for the public recently. Shortcuts like this will save tons of your time. Let’s start with a little history of Windows and then we will jump into the topic. From 1981 to 2015, Microsoft has had … Read more

Computer Crashes When Playing Games? | How to check graphics card

Computer Crashes When Playing Games

Does your computer crashes when playing games? Have you ever wonder why it happens and what is the reason? I will explain every reason for the crash and will also provide you solution that will resolve your issue. if you are playing high-end games on your PC then these three things certainly have significant importance. … Read more

Web Hosting and Domain Is Essential For Your Success.

You want to take your business online, but you don’t know about the domain, where to buy, cheap, good, its feature, and web hosting?   Meaning of it, benefits, types of it, which one to buy, which is the best, we will understand it now. What is a domain name? How to register a domain name?  How many kinds of … Read more