25 important Google analytics interview questions

google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best available tools for you, and almost all webmasters and SEO experts use it. Google Analytics interview questions are the most important things to prepare When you are going for an SEO job and want to crack the interview. So let’s discuss some most important Google Analytics interview questions and … Read more

4 Delicious Ways to Increase Traffic With Pinterest

How Pinterest can increase your traffic? When Pinterest initially came onto the scene a few years ago, it wasn’t really given a second thought. Pintesters everywhere pinned images of their favorite foods, saree, dress, jeans, or flowers using their cellphones. Pinterest has become the third most used search engine after Google and Youtube. Yes, Pinterest … Read more

The Difference Between PPC and CPC

 PPC Vs CPC When it comes to Internet marketing, the two big players in the space are PPC and CPC (Pay per click and Cost per click).  Both the terms are used in paid search engine ads. First off both have some particular characteristics. A PPC campaign is designed around keywords that are relevant to … Read more

What Is the Most Important Thing to Think About When Optimizing an SEM Campaign?

 What Is the Most Important Thing to Think About When Optimizing an SEM Campaign? When optimizing a SEM campaign, many webmasters tend to overlook Google’s changing algorithms. Although Google is the most important thing to consider when optimizing a SEM campaign, it does not mean that it should always be the topmost or most prominent … Read more

Why Do You Need a Company That Offers an SEO Consultant?

Digital marketing in Bhubaneswar A digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha is one that is well-equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to help you market your business in the digital world. Use effective, relevant, and cost-effective digital marketing strategies and tactics. Let companies achieve their main goals. Help companies to reach their desired … Read more

How and What is Email Marketing and how to master it in 2021

email marketing

Today, running a B2B company isn’t too simple if you end up stuck in any of those scenarios, don’t stress yourself then! To assist you, here I will explore the tried-and-tested solution which could help grow your company exponentially. Yes, it’s the B2B Email Marketing which may be a potent weapon when used correctly. If … Read more

How LinkedIn can boost your business

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms on the web and it is here to stay.┬áLinkedin is often referred to as Facebook of corporate people. As per an online report, there are more than 25 million firms on LinkedIn with over 22 million open job listings. Time spent on LinkedIn by an … Read more

Content Marketing -Points to remember

What is Content Marketing To put it differently, it’s the practice of planning, creating, publishing, and sharing valuable content via different mediums to reach the right audience to your company and, eventually, attract and retain customers. The primary purpose is to use your content to drive organic traffic to your website, business platform and create … Read more