How to rename photos and album on iPhone

How to rename photos and album on iPhone is a question my friend asked me recently and the idea to write this post came from there. Maybe naming that album “Wife” wasn’t really a good idea? There are many occasions when an album begins to contain images that the album name does not describe well. … Read more

How To Hide Facebook Profile From Search Engines

Want to hide Facebook profile from search engines so that your profile is not found by every Tom, Dick, and Harry, Until now, you’ve proudly displayed your Facebook profile and hoped it would provide you with as much mileage as possible. However, the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal has made you reconsider your privacy. As … Read more

How to lock photos on iPhone Easily

How to Hide Photos on iPhone (lock photos on iPhone) and Password Protect Them: There are three different ways to do it. Hiding photos on the iPhone and password-protecting them is something you may need at any time. Whatever the reason, you should be aware that there is no specific iOS function for hiding and … Read more

How to download youtube videos on iPhone

How to download youtube videos on iPhone, here is the trick. Read the full article to the end you will find download youtube videos on iPhone and how to save and send them. YouTube’s video library is massive and constantly expanding, especially when you consider that between 300 and 500 hours of video are uploaded … Read more

Whatsapp Community Feature to be launched soon

Whatsapp Community Feature: WhatsApp will launch ‘Communities,’ a feature that will compete with Zoom. Recently Whatsapp has launched many updates which include sending once seen messages, sending images without compression, remaining online on your Whatsapp desktop even if your phone is not connected to the internet, etc. WhatsApp has evolved into a communication tool that … Read more

Oppo ColorOS 12 Beta and how to install it

The new OPPO ColorOS 12 Beta system, which is based on Android 12, was introduced in China last month, but the company has now shared plans for its international launch, including estimated dates and models that can be applied to the first beta, which is already available. ColorOS 12 beta is compatible with OPPO smartphones … Read more