What are advantages or disadvantages of content spinner

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What is a content spinner? 

A content spinner is a computer program that takes a series of articles written on a particular topic and uses a thesaurus and/or other algorithms to rewrite them into a unique content.

Mostly the free content spinner have a smaller database of synonyms while paid one has a larger one.

Sometimes thesaurus or related information sources must be downloaded separately, but other versions come pre-loaded with the required database.

Although the main aim of article spinning is to provide useful information in the form of a short report, many websites have been known to use this tool as a means of driving traffic to their website, and a good spinner should therefore offer a wide range of features that improve the quality and quantity of traffic that it receives.

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However, some content spinners offer far more than this. In fact, if you are looking for a spinner that provides a large number of extra features, such as creating custom articles, then you may be better off using one of the free version spinners. These will still allow you to publish articles in various formats, but the added advantage of customizing your own content will prove to be very useful.

Is article spinning legal?

If you are a blogger and want to post an article using a content spinning toll then my advise will be not to do it. Though plagiarism tools find it quite but Google most of the time considers it as scrapped content.

Can Google detect spun content?

As I told you before Google uses different algorithm to detect content quality and uses methods like latent semantic indexing. It may not always detect that the content is spun but it certainly can detect that the content is scrapped. You can use ‘Spinmenot’ website to check a spun content.

Some free and paid content spinner

There are plenty of content spinner or rewrite available over the internet. Most of them are online tools while in the case of some tools you have to download them. So What is the best article spinner? Lets find out:

Let’s start with some free Article Rewriters

There are many free content rewriters or article spinners available for free. But the measure disadvantages of these tools are that the readability of the generated contents is not that great.

So don’t use them in your blog post or product description. You can use them for guest posting, forum answers, social media posts or for Web 2.0 backlinks where the content quality requirement is not that high.

There are plenty of paid content rewriters and the advantage of paid ones over free ones is the content readability in the paid ones are far better than free one.

All the paid content spinner either offers a free trial or a free plan where you can spin your content with some restrictions.

In many paid tools you can choose the replacement words if the pinned word is not exactly matching with the content.

All are online tools except Chimp rewriter which is a local rewrite software. You have to install the software in your local storage.

I have almost used all the tools and personally, I prefer Quillbot over others as I found the content is more qualitative than others. It may differ from person to person or need.

If you really need one then you should signup for the trial period of each content rewriter and compare the writing side by side before buying one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Spinner

Advantages of using an article spinner include creating your own content, allowing your readers to view original articles rather than copies of articles that have been published elsewhere, providing valuable content for other websites and blogs, and gaining targeted backlinks from other sites.

However, there are disadvantages too. The article spinners’ biggest disadvantage is that they can sometimes take up a considerable amount of space on your computer. If you are running an online business, it may not be possible to regularly use one of these spinners.

Another disadvantage is that if you want to publish articles through an article spinner, it can be difficult to select the correct template. It can be difficult to alter the format to suit your needs. If you need to change your articles’ style or format, it can often take longer to create the articles to the required standards and even longer to ensure that they have the desired effect.

 The disadvantages of article spinners should not dissuade you from using one of these tools. If you are new to internet marketing and would like to create some quality content that can attract many potential customers, these spinners are an excellent way of getting started.

However, if you wish to get more involved in the process of search engine optimization, article syndication, or linking to your website, then you may need to think carefully about using a more traditional form of link building, such as article marketing.

Article marketing is the most effective way of attracting targeted backlinks and getting backlinks to your website, and using spinners to add content to your site is a good way of doing this. As long as you use your spinner correctly and ensure that you select a good template, you can create content that attracts high-quality backlinks and creates a high-quality backlink profile.

Where You can use Content Spinner

I still stand by the point that there is no replacement for an article written by a human being. Today many artificial intelligence writers have just been launched in the market but they can never replace the human touch.

But there are some places where you can do a lot of good for your website by using an article spinner.

Guest Post Submit– You can get a lot of backlinks by submitting guest posts on many websites. Content spinner can help you a lot in this work.

Question Answer Forum– There are many such question-answer forums where we answer a question and at the end, we give the link of our website so that the traffic from there is diverted to our website. Sometimes the answer is very big and writing such a big answer by yourself is a very time-consuming thing. You can also spin some portions of an answer.

Web 2.0Web 2.0 is those forums where you can create your blog for free and put content. The main purpose of creating a blog here is to take a backlink for your main or money blog from here so that your blog can get a higher rank in SERP. So in a Web 2.0 blog, content doesn’t matter that much because your main intention is to get backlinks to your main website. For this work, you can take the help of content spinner.

Social Media Posts– Today, social media is a huge source of traffic such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, VK, etc. To bring traffic from here, you have to post regularly related to your niche. It may not be possible for you to write such big posts every time or it may take a lot of time. In such a situation, content spinners can make this work easier for you.


Content spinner can be helpful and can reduce your workload if used with a purpose.