4 Delicious Ways to Increase Traffic With Pinterest

Increase Traffic With Pinterest

How Pinterest can increase your traffic?

When Pinterest initially came onto the scene a few years ago, it wasn’t really given a second thought. Pintesters everywhere pinned images of their favorite foods, saree, dress, jeans, or flowers using their cellphones.

Pinterest has become the third most used search engine after Google and Youtube. Yes, Pinterest is a search engine if you still don’t believe it.

And, because it is a free service, pretty much non-profit organizations started hosting pins about any and everything under the sun related to pregnancy and motherhood. But, Pinners stuck with it like a good pinata.


Soon, Pinterest became host to millions of pins (50+!) on almost every imaginable subject under the sun related to pregnancy and motherhood. This means there are plenty of ways for mothers to share their pregnancy experiences and ideas, creating new fans for the site. This is why it’s important to have a Pinterest account if you want to pimp your website or blog.


One great way to use Pinterest for traffic is by utilizing the hashtags on Pinterest. Hashtags are little bits of information that are grouped together based on what they mean within your content. For example, if you shared a recipe using a particular brand of sauce, you could make a post or an Instagram post with a link to that recipe and include a few hashtags about it such as #pinterestapprecipe or #hashtagrecipe. This will send readers of your blog post or Instagram post to a Pinterest board where they can find more recipes.

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But not everything on a Pinterest board needs to be about food or recipe! For example, many pins on the site are created by mothers-to-be who are showcasing some gorgeous baby shower gifts. So, when you pin a picture of a beautiful diaper cake, make sure you include a few hashtags about giving baby shower gifts, such as #babybasket,  If you don’t have a diaper cake pin and a gift registry sign up, you should add the keyword phrase “baby shower” in your pin and use the hashtag #babybasket.


Pinterest also has a rich pins feature that allows you to see exactly how popular certain pins on a page are. So, if you’re following a particular recipe that is not getting enough searches, you can go into Pinterest and search for specific recipes.

You’ll then see lots of pins from other users that are using that recipe. By using these rich pins, you can pinpoint the people who are most likely interested in the particular things you share on your page, which can help you get started with organic SEO for your business.


You may also find that other users are using certain hashtags, so this can help you gain even more traffic. As an example, if there are a bunch of users who are searching for instructions on making a cake, you can pin a picture of a step-by-step recipe for your audience to follow.

When they find a suitable hashtag, they can find it on the Pinterest homepage, and this will increase their chances of finding relevant content and getting more traffic to your site.