Oceanwp vs Astra, Better Theme In July 2021

Astra theme WordPress

 In this post, we will discuss features of the OceanWp Vs Astra WordPress theme. We will compare both free and paid options of these two popular WordPress themes.

World’s 33% of the website are on WordPress, that means every 3rd website is on WordPress.Astra and Oceanwp are the two most used themes on WordPress. So we discuss which one to choose between  Oceanwp Vs. Astra.

Oceanwp vs. Astra WordPress themes

This article will attempt to provide an impartial comparison of the Astra vs. Ocean WP WordPress themes. Both offer a wide range of functionality with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Both are very popular, so you will not make a huge mistake if you choose either one.

Astra theme

First, there is no denying that both are excellent WordPress themes, but that individual requirement can differ greatly. Therefore, users must understand the differences between the two and then accordingly make an educated decision regarding which platform is most appropriate for their purposes.

Astra Vs. OceanWP: Popularity

If we consider both the WordPress themes’ popularity, then it’s almost a cat and mouse race, but right now, OceanWp has a slight edge over Astra.

oceanwp vs astra

 As you navigate to the theme section of WordPress and click on popular themes, then you will find Oceanwp at number one and Astra at number 4. The number 2 or 3 has been acquired by WordPress default themes which can be ignored. 

Oceanwp vs Astra: Premade templates

Both Astra and Oceanwp have some premade templates which you can use to create your website. These are called a Starter site in Astra, and in Oceanwp, these are called theme demos. Both the theme have more than 70 premade templates which you can use, but Astra offers more premade themes to their free users than Oceanwp. Astra Offers 35 free templates to its free users, while Oceanwp offers The looks of premade templates.  Though both themes have qualitative premade templates, in my personal opinion Astra premade themes are also better than Oceanwp. So Astra has the upper hand considering the premade templates. 


The most obvious difference between the two is that OceanWP is technically advanced of the two WordPress themes. OceanWP provides you with more on-page customization options like content layout, sidebar, header, different logos for different pages, different menu and style for every page if you want, title, footer, and breadcrumb.

Oceanwp settings

Customization in oceanwp

Both Astra and Oceanwp offer a lot of customization options for users. But when you compare both the themes, OceanWp has a slight edge over Astra as it provides more customization options.

In comparison to Oceanwp, Astra has cleaner coding and breadcrumb option also. Astra better supports Schema markup.

Page Builder support in Oceanwp vs Astra

Both Astra and Oceanwp support major page builders in WordPress like Elementor, Thrive, Beaver, WP Bakery, Divi, Brizy, etc. So in this section of Oceanwp vs Astra, both are winners.

Ease of Use in Oceanwp vs Astra

If you are new to WordPress and have little experience with WordPress design, you will find Oceanwp a little harder than the Astra theme design. In Oceanwp, customization and other options are laid here and there, whereas, in Astra, the options are more organized. So when comparing ease of use, then Astra has the edge over Oceanwp. 

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Speed comparison in Oceanwp vs Astra

Lets compare speed of the both the themes and how much time both takes to be completely responsive.

With more customization option Oceanwp is a little heavier than Astra, hence is slightly slower than Astra. But that does not mean Oceanwp is far behind Astra. 

I have tested two demo sites with the same no of pages, content, widget and the result was Oceanwp took 0.65 seconds to be completely responsive, whereas, in the case of Astra, it was 0.42 seconds. This may vary in your case, depending on your content, widgets, and layout.

But in the case of speed, yes, Astra has the edge over Ocenwp. So in this section of Oceanwp vs Astra, Astra is the winner.

Pro pricing

Both Astra and Oceanwp come with three pricing options. Astra comes with 

  • Astra Pro- Can use on unlimited websites. It comes with 100+ free starter templates with all Astrapro addons like sticky, transparent, page headers, more color and typography control, and footer widgets, and more. Price – $59
  • Mini agency bundle- Comes with all Astra pro options with 100+ Agency starter templates, WP Portfolio plugin, and also you can add an addon plugin either for Elementor or Beaver. Price – $276
  • Agency bundle- All Astra Pro features plus lots of add-on plugins for page builder, schema markup, and others for free. Price- $523
oceanwp vs astra
Oceanwp pricing

Oceanwp Personal– It costs $39, and you can use this license for one website. You will get one year update and 12 premium Extensions. You get15 free demo templates for ease of creating your website.

Business- You get all features of a personal license and can use this for three websites. 

Agency- You get all features of a personal license and can use this for fifty websites. 

In this section of Oceanwp vs Astra, Astra is a winner for me but it depends on your need.

Recent Update of Astra Theme

In January,2021 Astra released their latest update and it is name as Astra 3.0.

Here are three significant improvements in Astra 3.0:

  • Improvements to the customizer’s loading speed (up to 70% faster!)
  • Improvements in page loading times (up to 25% faster!)
  • Create imaginative designs in minutes with the new visual Header Footer Builder.

Conclusion in Astra Vs. Oceanwp

In conclusion, the Oceanwp vs Astra WordPress theme competition has concluded that the lighter-weight WordPress theme wins the day in user experience. However, the two WordPress themes have several differences in the amount of customization they offer and the number of premium plugins that support them. The lighter-weight theme still provides a very user-friendly site, but it may not have the same customization level as the premium theme does. If you are looking to go with a not too complicated theme and has all the functionality you need, lighter-weight WordPress is a better option. 

Hence, Oceanwp should be your choice if you are looking for a theme that you can customize as needed, or you can go for Astra theme if you want to build a website fast without much effort. Astra is lightweight compared to Oceanwp, but you can customize oceanwp to make it as fast as Astra if you have web developing knowledge.