iPhone charger not working | How to fix iPhone charger

iPhone not charging after a few days or iPhone charger not working is a common problem but how to fix iPhone charger without paying a hefty amount.

Today we will discuss how to fix iPhone charger easily and without burning a hole in your pocket.

Today, many people have started using iPhone due to its excellent software and hardware. Earlier, iPhones were very expensive, but gradually the prices have come down, due to which many people use iPhones on today’s date.

But after a few days of use, many people are complaining that the iPhone charger does not work properly, or that the iPhone charger only works in a particular position, or the voice is not clear on the earpiece, or earphones is not working. All your problems will be solved today.

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What do You do if your iPhone charger not working but Plugged?

Before finding any solutions we should find out why is iPhone charger not working. If your charger is still plugged in and still your iPhone is not charging, then check these three things.

  • First- whether the charger is plugged in properly or not
  • Second- whether the cable connection with the charger head is proper or not
  • Third- whether the charger’s point has been inerted in the phone properly or not

If after checking all these points, you have seen that your phone is not charging, then put another iPhone on your charger once to see if that phone is charging. If that phone is charging then there is something wrong with the charger point of your phone which will have to be rectified.

If the other phone is also not charging, then there is a problem with your charger. This problem can be in the head of your charger or the cable.

To know if the charger head is working, you can put another cable in it, even the Android phone cable. Put the second cable and its phone only and check once that it is charging the mobile. If that mobile is getting charged, then the malfunction is in your charger cable.

If the mobile is not getting charged, then the fault is in the charging head, change it, or you can use any other charging head available at your home with a USB point. Apple original 5W and 12W (1 Amp and 2 Amps) Charger (Power Adapter) head will cost you Rupees 1900 in India.

The 12W is compatible with Apple iPhone 8 and above, while the 5W charger is compatible with all iPhones.Moreover, the 12W power adapter is used with the iPad mini (5th generation) and above, while the 5W adapter is used with the previous iPad mini (5th generation).

How long do iPhone Chargers last?

If used properly, the iPhone charger lasts a long time. I have my own personal experience, I can tell that my iPhone charger lasted for more than 3 years.

Yes, I had some problems charging my iPhone as my iPhone charger not working, but it was not the problem of the Charger and I will tell you how to solve it.

iPhone charger not working
iPhone charger not working

How to fix iPhone charger


You can change the cable of your phone and try to solve it. But while buying the second cable, keep in mind that you take Apple’s original cable or a reputed company’s cable. Many people buy a cheap one which neither charges their phone properly nor do they get any value of its cable. And the biggest disadvantage of using cheap cable is that it can damage your phone too.


The second easiest way is to clean the charging port of your phone. For this, wrap cotton or thin cloth on a thin pin or SIM exit pin and turn it in your charging port. This clears all the dust and garbage that has accumulated inside the charging port of your mobile and your charger starts working again.


The third and easiest way is to take your phone to your nearest Apple Care. Not working the charger, the earpiece sound is not proper, or the 3.5mm earphone jack not working is a common problem that will be solved immediately at Apple Care.

Please do not open your phone by shopkeeper outside to save some bucks. You will get this problem resolved at Apple Care within ₹ 400 to ₹ 500 ($10 to $20), and this work will take at most half to 1 hour time. In this, those people do a good air cleaning by opening your phone at the Apple service station, which will resolve your charging problem, a low sound in the earpiece, phone overheating, and earphones not working issue.


Sometimes your iPhone may face charging issues as your iPhone is stuck. In this, it may be charging but won’t show, or sometimes your phone may show a blank screen.

So how to solve this issue?

You need to do a hard restart of your iPhone and for that follow the below steps as per your phone model.

Up to iPhone 6s Plus (iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6Plus, 6s, and 6sPlus)– Hold the Power and Home button together unless you see the Apple logo on the screen.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus– Hold the Power and Volume Down button together unless you see the Apple logo on the screen.

iPhone 8 and above– Quickly press the Volume up and then down button. Then hold the power button unless you see the Apple logo.

Wrapping up iPhone charger not working

So these are some simple steps to follow if your iPhone charger is not working. Do not try to open your iPhone yourself or by any unauthorized person. It may cause damage to your mobile, and surely it will void the warranty if any. You can comment below for any suggestions or questions on how to fix the iPhone charger.