Random guessing game Java with code

Random guessing game java is one of the very first programs you write when you are learning Java. Many people doubt that what is the relationship between Java and JavaScript. So let me tell you that both Java and JavaScript are completely different languages. Java is used for the backend while JavaScript is mostly used … Read more

How to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

If you are new to Telegram and want to import Whatsapp chats then here is how to import chats from WhatsApp to telegram. How to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram So here is how to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram for personal chats and also the group chats. Import WhatsApp Personal Chats to … Read more

Whatsapp Status New Update To Be Released Soon

There will be a Whatsapp Status New Update that will be added soon. So let’s look at what this new update is all about. Whatsapp Status New Update WhatsApp status updates will become more prominent in the messaging service. The relevant updates are already ready to be highlighted in the chat list and thus easily … Read more

How to use Telegram sticker in WhatsApp Easily

Not satisfied with the stickers on Whatsapp and want to know how to use telegram sticker in WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp was late to the sticker party, it created quite a stir when it launched the stickers last year. Other chat apps, such as Telegram, Hike, and Viber, have had them for years. WhatsApp’s goal … Read more

How to find featured chrome extensions with New Feature Badges

Here is how to find featured chrome extensions with the all-new Google chrome extension featured badge. Users who use the Google browser or other Chromium-based browsers understand the value of extensions. With the help of these small pieces of software, you will be able to improve and personalize your browsing experience to the fullest, with … Read more

How Google Views Plagiarized Content? How to Deal with it?

In this digital world, you might already be aware of the worth of content. If your website doesn’t have content, it won’t be able to compete with its competitors on search engine rankings. From time to time, Google has rolled out several updates to its ranking algorithms. Among these updates, this search engine giant has … Read more

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Whatsapp new update In April 2022

Here are some Whatsapp new updates In April 2022 which will be launched and make your experience more fun. You may have to update the Whatsapp to the newest version to enjoy the features. Whatsapp new update about file size and group chat WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, announced on Thursday that it will … Read more