Web Hosting and Domain Is Essential For Your Success.

Doamains and hosting provider

You want to take your business online, but you don’t know about the domain, where to buy, cheap, good, its feature, and web hosting?  

Meaning of it, benefits, types of it, which one to buy, which is the best, we will understand it now. What is a domain name? How to register a domain name? 

How many kinds of domain names are there? How to choose a good domain name? How to register a domain name? 

If I give you an IP address, you may not remember it. If I tell you my domain name – technoknowledges.co

, you will easily reach my web address.

A domain name helps you to reach a website without knowing the IP address. 

So how many kinds of domain names are there? 

 The main top-level domain names (TLD) are (.com) extension for companies, (.net) for the network , (.org) extension for organizations (.edu) extension for schools or colleges, (.gov) for government websites.  

Also, you can find .xyz domain names, and you can buy them at a low price. Many believe that these domain names are not that useful or don’t have a good impact. But on the contrary, these domain names are considered top-level domains. 

You can refer to the wiki to confirm the authority of XYZ  extension domains. 

Other than TLD there are ccTLD or known as country code top-level domain. These TLDs are country-oriented.

For example, co.in is a ccTLD that is related to India. Or co.au is related to Australia.

Several websites provide free domain names, but if you are serious about starting your website or blog, I will recommend you stay away from free plans. You can try them for your experiments in a heat and trail method.

At Freenom you can get free domain names. There are several other provides too.  In India, you will also find domain names ending .in .co.in. So when choosing a new domain name, always choose a small and easy-to-remember name. 

There are several websites where you can register a domain name like Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostinger, Namecheap, Google domain, etc. So you should choose the domain provider according to your budget and convenience. 

Now, what is Web hosting?

When you create a web page or a blog, or a website, you create or create it on localhost. Only you can see the website, but if you want the world to see it, you need someone to host your website; in simple language, they provide a space for your website to go live.

So there are many kinds of hosting like shared host, cloud host, and dedicated host. Most beginners prefer to share because it’s cheap and affordable, but there are some constraints like space and speed.

They provide a fixed amount of space to keep your website data; when you exceed that limit, you have to purchase some space or upgrade your current plan.  There is a physical host or storage system for all your data in a dedicated host and served back to you. In a dedicated host, speed and storage are better than a shared host. 

VPS or virtual private server is almost like a dedicated server where service providers dedicate you to a dedicated server, and you pay them.

At any time, you can upgrade or degrade your storage and other services in BPS as it is not fixed in both dedicated and PPS host garage physical dedicated host or server for you. In both, there is no constraint in speed and space, but there are rare chances of server failure.

In those cases, you might face the problem to open your website. As per my personal experience, Hostinger provides one of the best hostings at a low price. 

cheap hosting service

If you are new to blogging and want cheap hosting with good service, I will recommend you consider Hostinger premium web hosting. It will cost you around 3000 rupees for 1 year, 4500 rupees for 2 years, or around 6000 rupees for 4 years. You can host multiple websites from this hosting.

Type of Hosting

✔️Shared web hosting

✔️VPS hosting

✔️Cloud hosting

✔️Dedicated web hosting 

List Of hosting providers and their special discount coupon

1. bluehost.com

2. hostgator.com

3. Namecheap  -Coupon code-TLDMAPR20

4. dreamhost.com

5. siteground.com

6. hostinger.com– Coupon code-WP10 ,AS8 ,GRAB ,SPECIAL15

7. a2hosting.com

8. bigrock.in

9. godaddy.in – Coupon Code- GDD99COM1