How to change permalink for SEO

change permalink without loosing rank

What is Permalink and how it affects SEO 

If you are one of those who are just starting out in search engine optimization (SEO) but have been struggling to gain a good rank for your keywords, then you may want to know more about how to change Permalink.

Search engines like Google have recently made a change in the way that they rank a page based on its permalinks. This change is very important as it allows the webmaster to decide which links from their pages are going to show up higher in search results and which ones will not.

If you are not familiar with this change, then here is an overview of how this works, where you can find more information, and how you can change your Google Permalink. Once you are able to understand these changes, you can be on your way to getting higher rankings for your keywords.

How Google Indexes permalinks

First of all, Google changed their permalinks to match the style of their page indexing. In other words, instead of just placing a link at the end of a page, they will now index the Permalink and put it into their listings. They are also changing the indexing criteria for the search results so that more relevant sites will be listed in the first few results. This is good news for webmasters as it means that your pages will not get penalized if they don’t have enough quality backlinks.

But how do you go about this new change? The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your Google account is set up correctly. Open up a new Google account and sign up to their service, then go to the settings panel and enter in the Permalink. The page will then be indexed by Google and will show up in the search results.

Another thing that you can do to help you optimize your site is to write articles that include related keywords that are included in the Google keyword database.

For example, if you were looking for how to change Permalink, you could write an article around how to optimize a page for Google’s page rank factor. You can even include links to your website so that people who are using the search engines will be directed back to you instead of your competitor’s page. This will ensure that you receive a higher page rank and more backlinks to your site.

If you are having trouble with how to change Permalink and get a higher rank, there are many other things that you can do to optimize your page. The site for Google’s page rank factor. Some of the things that are important include optimizing your page and adding quality links.

How to change the permalink in WordPress

Changing permalink may affect your SEO if not done properly. But you may wonder if it may affect our website SEO negatively then why change it?

Sometimes permalinks are not SEO-friendly. It may be long or we missed out on some important keywords to include in the permalink. Yes, keywords in the permalink help your website SEO.

There are some stop words that you should avoid including in the permalink if not absolutely necessary cause Google avoids them mostly and including these keywords consume character counts in your permalink.

Here are some stop words to avoid in your permalink structure.

Stop words to avoid in the permalink

If you are using the Rank Math plugin in your blog then click on the preview option shown in the right sidebar and you can see the permalink structure.

change permalink
change permalink

Dont forget to redirect your old permalink to your new one.