Case Study- Effective Way To Rank Your Blog Post On SERP

Today we are going to talk on a topic that, along with being interesting, will teach you a lot about how to get on the top of Google’s search page.

Today we will choose 4 such keywords which are not too difficult, and we will see what the pages which are ranking at the top for these 4 keywords have done, what you have not done and what you can learn from them. For this, I will also use three-four SEO tools such as Ahrefs, UberSuggest, and LongTail Pro.

Rank Your Blog Post, Case Study-1

So let’s start our case study and the first keyword is How to Make Black Coffee.

The first site that is ranking on the SERP is Yummy Tummy Marathi. Let’s start with the Ahrefs Metrics, and we will only analyze the metrics of the exact URL rather than the domain. Let’s start with Ahrefs.

Effective Way To Rank Your Blog Post
Rank your blog post

As you can see, the backlinks of this page are 51, and the referring domains are 23. Likewise, this page has 657 organic keywords. In reality, it is not 657; Ahrefs’ system is such that if a keyword ranks in 20 different countries, then it shows 20 keywords. But in reality, it is a single keyword. If we consider one country, then the page is ranking for 270 keywords in India, and it’s getting 3.6K traffic per month.

Effective Way To Rank Your Blog Post
Rank your blog post

According to UberSuggest, this page gets about 134310 organic visits every month, much more than Ahrefs organic traffic. I have compared the reports of both the tools with the report of the Google search console for my website. And in the case of traffic, UberSuggest’s report is more accurate.

Now we talk about keywords

Are all the keywords for which this page is ranking used in this article? Probably not or certainly not. Then how is this page ranking on such keywords that it is not on this page?

The simple answer to this is that Google’s algorithm has become very smart. Google now pays more attention to your search intent than search terms or keywords. For example, if I wrote an article about how to make black coffee and you are searching for how black coffee is made, then Google understands that you are searching for what I wrote, just your wording is different.

In the list of UberSuggest you will be able to see that this post is ranked number one for different keywords and all the keywords are variations of its main keyboard and most of the keywords are not in the article.

So the conclusion is that if you want to rank one of your articles on the first page, you should rank at least 25 to 30 words. Only then your post will be ranked in the first page.

How will you achieve this, I will tell you on my next post. For now, we go to our case study number two.

Rank Your Blog Post, Case Study-2

The second keyword is how to choose a cricket bat. The top page that is ranking is Kingsgrove sports. Lets see its metrics. Lets check Ahrefs and Moz numbers.

Ahrefs cricket
Rank your blog post

According to Ahrefs, this page has about 203 keywords, and the organic traffic of this page is 122. Out of 203 keywords, 93 keywords are ranking in India, and it is the highest number of keywords ranking for any country. So we can consider the ranking keywords as 93. It has 2 backlinks from 2 domains, according to Ahrefs. Ao the page does not have many backlinks but still ranking at number one and getting a good amount of traffic.

According to Moz, this page is ranking for 9 keywords. There are no backlinks, according to Moz. So we can consider that the page doesn’t have many incoming links.

ubersuggest cricket
Rank your blog post

Ok so according to Ubersuggest the page is getting 1213. You must be be wondering how he is doing this without backlinks.

So let me tell you some steps you can follow to rank your blog post on SERP one

  • Choose a micro-niche area and start building your authority on the topic. You can consider cricket as a niche and cricket equipment as a micro-niche. You can even go deep down and select a nano niche, like if you write only about cricket bats, then it can be your nano niche, and you can rank your blog faster.
  • Are you still stuck with keyword research? Then stop and learn the new technique, and it is called Topic Research. You should not only research a keyword anymore. Rather you should research a topic. The best tool to do it is Google itself. Watch the below video to know how to do it.
  • Stop building unnatural backlinks because they will do more harm than good.
  • Pay attention to your content because that is what will rank your block. Do not write any content half or incomplete. There can be many sub-topics in any one topic, also cover all the sub-topics in your blog post.
  • Pay special attention to the grammar of your post because people do not want to read an incomprehensible post that is broken. Before publishing, you must check the plagiarism of your post.

Wrapping Up

As I get more keywords, I will add more case studies. Along with this, I will keep telling you new ways. One thing must be kept in mind that you use tools but do not become more dependent on it. Keyword tools only give you the idea of keywords, but you should remember that you have to find the topic, not the keyword.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can tell me by writing on the comment box below. If you have any question you want to ask, then you can also ask me by writing in the comment box. I will try to help you as much as possible.