DDR3 Vs DDR4 Vs DDR5 – Which is Faster For Gaming?


When comparing the differences between DDR3 and DDR4, there are quite a few significant differences to be seen. Of course, the first major distinction is in the speed. The fastest type of memory for a computer is generally DDR4. DDR3 is the slower of the two, but it is also the most popular as it has a broader user base. DDR4 and DDR5 RAMs are yet to be launched as the launch by the major RAM manufacturing companies has been delayed to COVID-19 lockdowns.

When comparing the new generation of RAM between the two, one of the main points of differentiation is the clock speed. Both ddr3 memory kits are running at about 3,200mhz. However, the newer, faster kit has a faster base clock speed and a much higher maximum clock speed of 4,500me. This allows the new generation of ddr4 memory to operate at twice the frequency of the older modules.

The biggest feature that sets the new generations of the duo apart is their increased performance in gaming. While the old DDR modules were not that great, they did have plenty of power, even for the lower-end systems. With the introduction of the new ddr4 memory modules, however, everything changed. Suddenly, they had double the amount of performance that their predecessors had. And this increased performance was available at a lower price than ever before. So the question was, should you get a ddr4 memory kit with a quad-core processor, or would you be better off with a ddr3 kit?

When comparing the two, another point to consider is the overclock ability. In other words, does upgrading to a DDR ram system make a difference in your system’s overclock ability? Many have claimed that it increases the overclock ability quite a bit, especially for people that are willing to spend the extra money. There are two types of overclocking that you can perform with a ddr4 ram system. The first type is referred to as a ‘multiplier operation’, where you run your system with a higher multiplier than what the motherboard is rated at to overclock the system.

For many years, a lot of PC users have preferred to use a ddr4 system for their gaming needs, since the extra cores made the overall system much faster and suited it for demanding tasks better. However, with the introduction of the new ddr5 ram, this no longer applies. Many people no longer do is overclock their systems to the point where the overclock becomes unicable. The new modules are so close in specs to the original that there just isn’t any gain in overclocking. This isn’t to say that the ddr4 systems aren’t great; they’re simply not worth the extra cost. This may be true with some motherboards, but not all.

Overclocking your system using a ddr5 based ram could lead to voltage and temperature changes which can cause instability within your PC, and may even cause some viruses and spyware to infect your system. This is probably why many people prefer to stick with a ddr3 based system. Another thing to keep in mind when overclocking your PC is to try and only use software that was created for the new generation of ram, as this will help prevent any issues and complications. I managed to overclock my PC using a brand-new generation of RAM and increased its speed to over four times its original speed.