Guest Posting Sites – Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites

Guest Posting Sites - Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites
Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites

Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites are good for guest posting and easily acquiring backlinks for your websites. You can also drive traffic from these websites to your blog or website.


There are so many guest posting sites out there that it can be tough to decide which one you should actually post your articles to. There are pros and cons to posting articles to dozens or even hundreds of sites. I learned that it really does not pay to post to a lot of sites unless you want to get banned from the search engines. If you post to only the sites with high page ranks, there is no way you can get anywhere on Google because they won’t give any traffic based on how many times your article is displayed.

The reason that it is not worth it to post to these free directories is that there is not a ranking system in place. You will receive no votes or feedback for your articles and if you try to submit an article with bad keywords, your content will be flagged as spam. Once this happens, you will not be indexed again by Google. I would advise you to link much rather than have you link to a page that has a lot of links and has a high PR in the search engine results.


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The biggest problem that you will encounter is getting banned from one of these sites. You might think that other sites will not mind a guest post and don’t ban you, but that’s not true. There are hundreds of sites that do not allow guest posts. They use black hat techniques to get at your links and increase their PR. They will trick you into clicking a link that you don’t want by using guest blogging. Once they have your link, they will give you a link that leads to their website.


There are ways around black hat techniques though. One way is to write articles that are interesting, but not about your site. The other way is to post to the sites that are related to your niche but do not link back to your site. Then you can link back to your site but leave the article alone.

This way the search engines will see that your article and not your link. Now I know you may be thinking, but this writer doesn’t have many followers, so how can I get them to follow me on a guest blog? I can’t just send them a personal message telling them to follow me on my guest blog and expect them to take action because it is my site.

So I suggest that you start off by sending one or two personal messages and see if that helps your guest blogger. If you get no response from them, then just go back to the original site and make a post without mentioning you did it. That way you will have proof that you helped. It might also be helpful to post a few articles on your own blog pointing back to the one that you helped out on.

Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites

Wrapping up Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites

These were some websites where you can submit your article and get a backlink that will your post to move up in the search engine rank.

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