Elementor : The Absolute Best WordPress Page Builder

elementor pro free download

 Want a webpage that looks professional then download Elementor from the WordPress website. The paid version of Elementor is Elementor Pro which you can not download from the WordPress website and neither it’s free.

You can download Elementor Pro from their official website. You can also download the Elementor Pro for free from the GPL websites.

GPL means General Public License which is open for all to make modifications to the original code.

Suppose you are looking for a professional, fully-featured blogging platform with all of the benefits of WordPress without the steep learning curve.

In that case, Elementor Pro could be the perfect solution. This is the most advanced Drag and Drop plugin available today and has all of the WordPress functionality without the steep learning curve. Elementor Pro gives you everything you need to create and manage a successful blog or website, from the WordPress interface to the hundreds of professionally designed plugins.


How to download Elementor pro download free


There are many page builder plugins available in WordPress for drag and drop like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Thrive, Architect, Visual Composer, Divi, Brizy, and more.


Why Elementor is Different

Elementor was launched in 2016 but has gained popularity since then. Unlike other site builders, Elementor does not make your site messy once uninstalled; rather, it leaves behind a clean code.

What it offers

Elementor Pro offers many more benefits than other WordPress solutions. One of the most significant advantages is that it allows you to use WordPress and Elements in your WordPress websites. You can have a WordPress page builder, as well as fully functional Elements. Elementor has over 300 professionally designed widgets you can add to your sidebar or footer and over 600 pre-installed Facebook and Twitter widgets.


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 What makes Elementor so great is that it is one of the few programs that support both WordPress and Elements, giving you a more comprehensive range of tools to work with than any of the other programs. It is also ideal for those who are not technically inclined since it has a very easy-to-use interface.

All you need to do is install the software and drag and drop widgets wherever you want on your webpage. When you need to change something in your layout, click the “change” button, and the change will occur immediately. Elements will automatically replace the widgets you choose, allowing your site to become much more flexible and customizable.


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One of the significant benefits of using WordPress as your web design platform is that it is a straightforward system to master, requiring almost no technical skills at all. The Elementor system allows you to get started quickly since it has step-by-step video tutorials to guide you along the way. WordPress works very simply, requiring just a few minutes a day to learn how to add new widgets and change existing ones. This means that even if you know absolutely nothing about web design, you can still use WordPress and reach the very top.


Many people have a big problem when choosing a WordPress theme is the difficulty in finding themes that are not repeats of the same refrain from every single designer out there.

It is not always easy to know who has made the original theme, especially since many websites have many versions of the same template. Fortunately, Elementor has developed a unique feature within their starter theme called the “Widgets Add-on pack.”

If you do not want to change the core WordPress functionality and just want many different basic widgets, this is probably the best theme. You can find out more detailed information on what the widget pack can do by visiting their website.


Many WordPress page builders will help you start with the basics and grow your website into a vast empire. However, none of them will have the flexibility and ease of use that Elementor has brought to the table. There are thousands of different widgets that can be added to any webpage and change completely. With Elementor Pro, you can have unlimited sites built in no time at all. You will notice rapid growth in the number of visitors to your site and the number of sales that will be generated.