What is Rapid SEO Tool and why it is a must-have in 2021?

What is the Rapid SEO tool?

Rapid SEO Tool is an in-depth side by side search engine optimization software that will tell you how well you are doing for yourself and suggest how you can improve your SEO strategy. Like any other side-by-side search engine optimization tools and keyword density analyzers, Rapid SEO Tool isn’t about keyword stuffing; it’s about the comparison. It’s not about trying to guess what someone is thinking or even making up a dozen new keywords. It’s all about comparing your current SEO strategy with your competitors.

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Rapid SEO Tool is free to use for demo purpose; after that, you have to pay a one time amount of $99.99 to use it lifetime. 

This tool is somewhat similar to screaming frog but has some different features. Screaming frog is more about the technical audit, whereas Rapid SEO Tool concentrates more on On-page issues like Keyword density, SERP position, search engine spide view, competitor analysis and others.

Rapid seo tool price

9 Key aspects of Rapid SEO Tool

Automatic Suggestion– It generates suggestions to improve your SERP position.
Position Monitoring– Monitors your position in SERP and informs you about the change.
Free Ebook to guide you through your SEO journey.
Side By side Comparision– comparison with your competitors


There are several aspects of a good full service or ‘robotic’ SEO optimization plan, and one of these is to search for your competitor’s website and see what they are doing. It’s relatively easy to do, just write a few search queries on Google or any of the other major engines and do a search for your competitor’s main keyword. What you’ll probably find is that their web pages or at least part of their web pages are ranking well. You might even be able to read some of their content, too – although this will be very short, just a few sentences or sometimes just a single sentence.

This is what you want to emulate. The problem with doing this manually is that it’s a time-consuming process, and you will likely make mistakes. Rapid SEO Tool can do much more, and that’s what it does best. You can set it to scan all of the major and popular directories and submit new links to them at regular intervals. On each of these new submissions, it will store the individual site’s data to check to see if you are getting better results by targeting those keywords. Some of the top sites are even supported by this software, so it has to be reliable.

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Another area that you should take advantage of using a rapid SEO tool is for niche sites. These are small websites geared towards a particular niche, and as such, better search results are easier for them. For example, the niche might be dog lovers. However, if you were to use a Google search for dog lovers, you’d almost certainly end up seeing many results on the first page of the search results. Instead of targeting dog lovers, one would try and target dog related keywords, and the software would do the rest!

If you don’t have time to invest in keyword research, then a rapid SEO tool is what you need. There are plenty out there that are quite user-friendly and don’t require too much knowledge of how the entire process works. With a few clicks, you can get a list of highly relevant keywords to your site and start ranking highly for them. The best part about it is that a rapid SEO tool will help you do all this while taking out the guesswork from you!

As you can see, there are several benefits to using a rapid SEO tool. One of the most important factors when ranking well on the search engines is to ensure you have enough keyword research done. This means finding out what keywords are highly searched, how many people are searching for that phrase each month, how many other websites are ranking for that phrase, and how many search results that phrase gets. It’s all about finding out what words and phrases other websites rank for and using them to boost your own rankings.