How to Start a Successful Travel Vlog In 2021

 What is Travel Vlog and what exactly it means!

Vlogging is modern-day blogging where content is in video audio format rather than in written or graphics. One of the most profitable niches is travel vlog where vloggers travel to different countries and parts of it to make some travel videos. 

A travel vlogger explores different places in different countries and records these things on his vlogging camera. There is a good deal of travel vloggers who earns a handsome amount every month from their vlog and these vlogs will keep earning for them in the future also. So if you want to start your travel vlog, or you are travel enthusiastic then read how to start a travel vlog.

Are you Planning to start A Travel Vlog?

Travel vlogging is one of the most adventurous things, but it’s also a hectic job as you have to manage all the things on your own. You need to study hard before starting by watching some vloggers and do proper research. You need to sketch proper planning and prepare yourself mentally before taking up travel vlogging. You need to invest some amount initially to start your journey, to buy vlogging equipment, and others. But if you compare this investment with the return then you will find the ROI is way high.

Steps to Consider befor starting a Travel Vlog

Dont Be afraid

If you are making travel vlogs remember the most hits and like will come from the vlogs where you have visited some uncommon places which are not that easy or not get filmed by many vloggers. For example, you can get more hits visiting Pakistan as an Indian than visiting Nepal or Thailand. So don’t be afraid to visit some unconventional places which do not get explored by many.

I am not advising you to visit any dangerous place but chalk out a plan before you start.

Craft your Niche

Like blogging, vlogging also has vast niches. So decide your focus subject before starting, a travel vlog can be divided into many small parts like country travel, travel to small countries, travel to unconventional parts, and much more.

Your subscribers or viewers should be aware of what to expect from your videos. For example, you may start a vlog where you travel to exotic countries and explore the nightlife or travel to different countries and explore their nature or travel to different places and explore the beaches.

You should stick to your niche and make vlogs constantly.

Be Neutral in Your Approach

Don’t have a prejudice about any place or people. Rather go with a blank mind and always try to explain things from a neutral point so that your audience won’t feel that you are biased toward anything.

Learn Contineously

It does not matter that you are a vlogger, blogger, or into any profession, but learning is a continuous process of how you learn from your mistakes of yours as well as yours. You can also watch videos from other vloggers and you will definitely learn something or other from every video.

Present all informations to your viewers

The most important factor is providing every little detail to your audience no matter how small it is. Like the traveling details, the currencies, the accommodation, the travel mode, the food, the night-life, safety and every detail one would consider before visiting any place.

Be Social

Be social when traveling and meeting new people. Also, befriend people you meet and start following the interesting people you meet, and you will find that your follower base is also increasing.

Show Yourself

It is your vlog, so people would love to see their host and guide. Do not worry about your looks at all because that is the last thing people care about.

Learn Camera Tricks

As a travel vlogger, you will be handling the camera most of the time as you can not carry a cameraman along with you. Nobody likes a shaky or hazy video to watch. So before starting your journey learn some camera tricks so that your videos look perfect.

Invest in editing

You should know what to show and what not to. Also, the transitions in the video should look seamless rather than forced, and to put things in place you need to learn editing skills or you can just hire a freelance video editor who will do this job for you at a minimum cost.

Giving background music in a travel vlog is also an art. It is necessary to set the background music according to the mood and the editor should know where to stop the background music so that your viewers can listen to your words and from where to start the background music again.

Use other social media

Your work is mostly done with videos but there is no harm in keeping your presence on other social media platforms or other platforms as well. You can use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Apart from this, you can also start a blog about your untold experiences in which you tell some such things to the people which you have not told in the video.

You can also interact with your subscribers and followers.

Perks of Travel Vlog

If you enjoy traveling and exploring new places then this profession is certainly for you. While traveling and exploring places you also can earn money.

Some Famous Travel Vloggers

Casey Neistat

Famous Vloggers

Casey Neisat is one of the famous travel vloggers. He is an American and has more than 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel as of July 2021.

Mark Wein


famous travel vloggers


Mark Wein is another famous travel vlogger who explores places, people, and food. He also owns a YouTube channel that has more than 7 million subscribers as of July 2021.

Jack Harries


famous travel vloggers


Jack harries is also a very famous travel vlogger who has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Some Famous India Travel Vloggers

Nomadic Indian

famous Indian travel vlogger



He is one of the most famous Indian travel vloggers who have more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He keeps exploring different countries and also through hitchhiking which is still not very familiar with Indian people.

He mostly visits places that are unexplored by Indians and also nations that are cheap compared to the USA or UK.

Nomadic Subham

famous Indian travel vlogger


A boy from Bihar made it big by creating a travel vlog and made it big. He has more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel as of July 2021 and going strong.

Mithilesh Backpakers

He is also an Indian travel vlogger and traveling around the world. He carries all the equipment to shoot and edit his travel vlogs. He has more than 5 lakh subscribers on YouTube. He has his unique style and his USP is showing the nightlife of the places he visits.

How much Travel Vloggers make?

It depends upon your dedication, hard work, and commitment. You can earn from 50000 rupees to 150000 rupees or even more. It depends on how much following you have and how you draw new people to your vlog. Also, consider adding some personal touch to your vlog.

It also depends on which country you are getting views from. Every country has a different CPC. Developed countries like the USA, Canada, or the UK can give a handsome CPC.

Developing countries like India, Brazil, and others will give you a moderate CPC.


If you want to start a travel vlog then make sure you are enthusiastic about it and have an ample amount of energy because it may drain you some time. Make sure you have the right equipment for it, and you have done your proper research before you start it.

Many people ask How do I get paid for traveling? 

The answer is, start making your vlog, and side by side you can also create your blog. YouTube will pay you for your vlog when it gets hits and also you can do promotional ads in your vlogs once you get enough hits and likes. Same time you can also earn money from Instagram and Facebook. Will discuss in detail in some other posts how to make money from traveling.

So I am wrapping up this article here, if you have any questions or suggestions then you can comment below or contact me.