Best Quora Alternative sites To Get Answers Instantly

In this post, we will discuss the best quora alternative sites where you can get your questions answered or you can share your knowledge.

Quora is the most visited question-answer forum over the web. As per Similarweb Quora’s monthly traffic is 558 Million.

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Best Quora Alternative sites

Quora Alternative sites


Reddit is a viable option. Several subreddits have been created here, with related discussions on various topics.

One person asks a question, everyone else responds, and you can ask additional questions based on their responses. In this case, an entire thread is created that functions as a sort of mailing list.

It’s just that everyone who visits that forum can see this mailing list. Everyone has the ability to read. This is a great place to get information and have a one-on-one conversation.


Quora Alternative sites

The second in the list is Answers. You can also view and download the answer app. I’ve used it as well. It appeals to me. People can provide answers to their questions about this.

The more people who like your article, the higher your rating. You can also respond to questions when they are posed to you. It is similar to Quora’s platform in many ways, but there are fewer users and only two languages, one of which is Hindi and the other is Marathi.

Stack Overflow

Quora Alternative sites
Quora Alternative sites

Stack overflow is mainly a question-answer forum for software developers. People ask questions regarding issues to programming and expert developers answer them.

People even ask for codes and they get it. You can sign in with Google, Facebook, or Github accounts.

People help each other when they are stuck somewhere in coding.


Letsdiskuss is a question-answer forum similar to Quora on which you can ask questions and many users also answer them. You can also earn money by answering and asking questions on this forum.

Like Quora, there are many different categories on this forum, by subscribing to which you can read and answer questions about the same topic.

What Should I Do?

What should I do is also a question-answer forum but it is a bit different from Quora. On this, you ask questions and at the same time give some details and multiple options of your question. People choose one of your multiple options on this which is best for you.

You can log in to WSID by Google, Facebook, or by email ID.

Server Fault

Server Fault is a question-answer forum for network and IT engineers. Here you can ask questions related to network and IT and users answer them.

Ask and Answer

Ask and Answer It is also a question-answer forum where you can ask public or personalized questions. You also can create polls.