Google Search Tricks for Fun and Better results | How to search on Google effectively

Every day people search billions of keywords on Google and these Google search tricks will make your search more fun and even can make your search more easy and specific. This is how to search on Google effectively.

how to search on google effectively

In our previous post, we described How to reverse Google search an image easily to know who is using your images without your permission or to find a better size of an existing image.

Google Search Tricks for Fun

Google Gravity

This is a very entertaining Google trick. Google’s icons will be completely inverted if you use this. To use this trick, go to the Google homepage and search for Google Gravity. Following that, you must tap on the I’m Feeling Lucky button that appears. This will cause Google’s page to change and everything to fall to the bottom.

Google Search Tricks
Google Search Tricks

Barrel Roll

To use Barrel Roll, go to the Google homepage and type do a barrel roll there. When you finish typing and click the search button, the Google homepage will rotate. Yes, you can rotate the Google home page 2, 10, 20, or even 100 times using this trick. Try it once and see what happens.


If you’re a Marvel fan, you’re going to love this search trick. To use this trick, go to Google and type Thanos into the search bar. When you type, a Gauntlet icon will appear under Biography on the right side. By clicking on this icon, the Google listing will gradually begin to fade away.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is unique among Google’s fun tricks because after attempting it, you will notice a lot of O on the Google page. To use this trick, go to Google and type zerg rush into the search bar, then click on the I’m Feeling Lucky link provided below. Following that, the Google page will open, and some O will gradually appear, falling from top to bottom.


If you use this trick, you will not be able to directly access the Google page. Yes, it must be strange to think, but it is true. To try this trick, go to Google and type Askew into the search box, then click the search button. The Google page will appear slightly tilted after you click.

How to search on google effectively


When used with the keywords with ‘allintitle:’ in start then Google filters out all the result that has your keyword or keywords in the post title. If you are searching for a long-tail keyword then all words will be present in the title however, the sequence may vary.

Google Search Tricks
Google Search Tricks

Double Quotes Results

Double Quotes Results is a technique to find the exact keyword in the content. Here the keyword is present in the post as it is if the keyword contains multiple words and the sequence is as you searched.

Google Search Tricks
Google Search Tricks


If you want to find a specific word or phrase in any website’s URL then this method will do it for you. You just have to type “allinurl:keyword” (replace the keyword with your word) in the search bar and hit enter.

Google will show you the results of websites that are using the specific keyword in their URL.

Search in a specific website

If you want to search for a specific article or image from a particular website then this step will help you. For example, you want to know about Pamela Anderson and from New York Times then type “Pamela Anderson” in the search bar and hit the enter button.

Similarly, if you want images of a particular thing from a specific website then you can use the same command in Google Images.

Google Search Tricks
Google Search Tricks


Every day we need a calculator to calculate anything. In such a situation, if you are not getting a computer calculator on your laptop, then there is nothing to worry about. You go to Google search and search just by typing calculator, you will get a complete calculator and that too scientific one.

Google Search Tricks
Google Search Tricks

Numbers to word

Every day we have to write numbers in Word while writing a letter or preparing a document. This work is needed the most when we are writing an account of money.

But if you are having trouble converting that number to whats, you do not understand, then there is a very simple and easy solution for this too. You go to Google and write your number, even after that give the ‘=’ symbol and write it in English, your number will be converted into words.

image 8

Download any file for free

If you want to download a movie or file and don’t want it and in any spammy website where you get only spammy links in the name of the file or movie, then Google can help you in this.

You have to write the name of your file on Google search and write Google Drive by giving space. If anyone has saved your file on Google Drive, then you will get it to download.

Related website

If you have a favorite website on which you visit regularly, but its contact is not updating as fast and you want to see the list of more such websites in front of you, then Google will help you in this.

For this, it is simple to open Google on your browser and after that, you have to write related and semi column and after that write the name of your website.

So all the websites that are related to that website should be shown by Google.

image 9


If you want to get information about the current or future weather of any city, then simply go to your Google search and type the weather and then the name of that city and Google will give you complete information.

image 10

Currency converter

If you want to convert any currency to another currency then you go to google search and after convert type your original currency and its amount and after to write your currency symbol and it will be converted.

image 11


If you want to know the current time of any city, then you write the time on your Google search and after the space, write the name of that city, Google will tell you the exit time of that city.