Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive In 5 Steps

Have you deleted some files accidentally and want to recover deleted files from Google drive then here are some steps to recover them easily.

Google Drive is a free online storage service that allows users to store and access files. Users can use this service to save files, images, and other data on their devices in the cloud. Also Read-Google Search Tricks for Fun and Better results.

The best benefit of this is its speed and it’s a free service from Google up to 15 GB. All data are stored in the cloud, which means that you may upload and download files very quickly.

Google Drive can alternatively be thought of as cloud storage. This drive includes numerous capabilities such as file uploading, folder creation, making shared files or data publicly available, syncing PC and smartphone clients, and so on. Also read- How to reverse Google search an image easily.

Google Drive integrates effortlessly with other Google services and systems, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, and Google Analytics.

So if you have stored your files on Google drive then you can be assured that they are safer than on your PC. But if you have accidentally have deleted any file that you did not intend to then here is the process to recover.

Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

Open the Google Drive website on your PC or on your Android phone.

Sign in with your Google account details.

On the sidebar, you can find the ‘Trash’ option. Click on it.

Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive
Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

On the thrash folder, you will find all the deleted files.

Right-click on the file or folder you want to restore. As soon you right-click you will find two options that are ‘Restore’ and ‘Delete Forever’. In Android click the three dots on the file.

To restore the file you just click the restore the option and the file will be restored. If you want it to delete forever then choose the second option.

So this was the simple step to recover deleted files from Google Drive if you have just deleted the file or folder from your Google drive but have not deleted it permanently.

How to recover files if deleted forever

Even if you have deleted your file from Google Drive’s trash folder, you can still recover it. But there is a small condition in this that the file must have been deleted before 25 days or less, only then it will be able to be recovered.

So how to recover permanently deleted files from Google Drive in Android or PC.

For this, you go to your Google Drive and press the question mark option in the upper right corner. As soon as you do this, a popup window of support will open in front of you, on which you click on Help.

image 14

As soon as you click on Help, many options will open in front of you, you click on the option with Find and Recover File.

In this popup window, you scroll down to the bottom and click on Contacts. Then sign in by giving the ID password of the account whose file you want to recover.

After that, you will have to fill up a form which will have without your name. After submitting it an email will be sent to Google Support and they will contact you in a few days to talk further about your file recovery.

Or else you can directly visit Google Drive support by visiting this site. Here you can describe all the issues.

It may take up to 48 hours to recover your deleted file depending on your file size. Mostly it takes 24 hours to recover.

Wrapping Up

So these were two simple steps to recover deleted files from Google Drive even if you have deleted the file permanently.

Though I will advise you to be cautious while deleting any files permanently.