With the latest WhatsApp Web update, you can create personalized “stickers.”

From any PC or Mac, you will be able to create custom “stickers” on WhatsApp Web starting next week. The great success of these dethroned emojis and took over this social network, and now a new generator of “stickers” can be used both in the web version and in the desktop version, with no installation required.

Because this innovation currently excludes the mobile phone, creating “stickers” from the mobile app will require the use of other complementary applications. What is permitted is for the “stickers” to be saved on the cell phone after they have been uploaded via computer.

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How to Make Your Own Stickers

First, make sure that the mobile device’s session is connected to the computer.

It is critical to ensure that you have the most recent update available. If not then you can download the latest version from Whatsapp official website.

Once this step is completed, proceed by clicking on the “attach” tab, then on “sticker,” and finally on “files,” where you will only need to upload the photo you want to customize.

You select the image to be used in the file explorer; it can be an image downloaded from the Internet or your own. When you select a photo, a window will open with a toolbar at the top that allows you to edit the image, including the following options: crop the image, add stickers, add stickers, write, draw, and rotate the photo.

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You can also undo or redo what you’ve done.

Once you’ve decided what to do with the figure, press the green button on the right side of the screen to send it.