How much does Twitch streamers make

How much does Twitch streamers make? Sponsorships, affiliates, subscriptions, and more are available.

Earning money on Twitch is one of the advantages of becoming a successful streamer. If you want to monetize your material or are simply curious, we will provide you with all of the required information.

How much does Twitch streamers make
How much does Twitch streamers make

One of the benefits of being a Twitch streamer is the ability to earn money. With income, we can simply invest in the configuration of the streaming as well as the transmission quality to deliver a better output to our audience.

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While it takes a lot of effort to develop a community and even more effort to persuade someone to subscribe to our channel on a weekly basis, you can fast achieve the necessary goals to begin generating money on the purple platform.

How do Twitch streamers make a living?

To begin making money on Twitch, you must first meet the platform’s objectives in order to become a “affiliate” and eventually a “partner.” These are the prerequisites for each monetization level.

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  • Total time: 500 minutes
  • Seven days of programming
  • Three people are watching at the same time.
  • 50 subscribers


  • Total time: 25 hours
  • 12 days of broadcasting
  • 75 simultaneous characters

The objectives at both levels are the very minimum required to achieve them, thus each may be completed without having to go over each goal one by one.

As an affiliate streamer or partner, we can earn money from Twitch Bits and subscriptions, as well as advertising revenue for partners. In addition, when we broadcast, we can earn money in the following ways:

StreamLabs accepts donations on a regular basis.


Businesses seek out influential artists and pay them to advertise their products.

Other platforms: We creators may be able to vary our work and offer unique stuff on sites such as Fanhouse or Patreon.

How much does Twitch streamers make?

Earnings for Twitch streamers vary depending on how many viewers they have on their streams, as well as how many subscribers they have and how many donate. Although subscription prices vary by European or Latin American location, the streamer only receives half of the total.

Here are some examples of how to estimate how much each streamer could earn with each sub:

  • $250 for 100 subscribers
  • $ 1,250 for 500 subscribers
  • 2,500 dollars for 1000 subscriptions

Similarly, Bits can be used to make donations to streams. Each of these is worth one cent:

  • 1 dollar for 100 bits
  • 5 dollars for 500 bits
  • 10 dollars for 1000 bits

Twitch, on the other hand, may be a nice alternative if you’re searching for extra money to do something you enjoy. Getting to the financial level of somebody like Auronplay or Ibai, on the other hand, can take years.

The best thing you can do is relax, have fun, and appreciate the community you can build.