How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard Without Damaging It

Want to clean your laptop keyboard but are not sure how to clean your laptop keyboard without damaging it then follow this guide.

A laptop is a tool that is used on a daily basis for working and is certainly cleaned with a cloth or wipes; however, this is insufficient because all sorts of particles can sneak in between the gaps in the keys. We’ll show you how to keep your keyboard tidy step by step.

how to clean your laptop keyboard without damaging it

Gather all of the necessary materials

Isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 90% or higher: This is a product that does not harm the internal components of the laptop, and while other cleaners can be used, this one is inexpensive and safe.

Exterior cleaning will necessitate the use of microfiber cloths.
Swabs: used to clean the spaces between the keys on a computer keyboard.
Compressed air spray: This will be useful for cleaning the equipment’s slots and ports.

Laptop cleaning kits: If you want a more thorough cleaning, there are also kits that include everything you need to leave a laptop looking brand new.

Manual vacuum cleaners: These vacuum cleaners will allow you to remove dirt from the laptop’s slots.

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How to clean your laptop keyboard without damaging it

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery first. If it is well preserved, it will not be necessary to open it, and the compressed air spray from the outside will suffice. This will clear out any dust that has accumulated inside the laptop’s keyboard.

Spray the compressed air a little away from the laptop and in all the crevices, including the keyboard, ventilation, and ports. Do it with brief blows and with the boat slightly tilted; this will remove the dirt rather than introduce more of it.

If you do it frequently, you won’t have to open the laptop to clean it, which will prevent dust from accumulating in the ventilation slots and inside. If it hasn’t been done in a long time, you may need to open it for a thorough cleaning.

If you have no choice but to open the computer, consider that there could be other reasons for your laptop’s slowness. Second, if you’ve never done it before, we recommend taking it to a professional to clean the laptop without damaging any components.

If you choose to do it yourself, once the lid is open, you can use a brush to remove the dust, but not too forcefully. When you realize you need to disassemble a part, you should seek assistance from a technician who is familiar with components.


So this is how to clean your laptop keyboard without damaging it but still, if you are not sure then take your laptop to a professional.