Google Play Pass has been launched in India, and over a thousand apps will be available without advertisements

Google announced the launch of the Play Pass section of the Play Store on Monday, which will include over 1000 ad-free apps and games. Users will be able to use the company’s premium service for a set monthly or annual fee.

Google Play Pass
Google Play Pass

Many games, such as Action Game, Puzzles, Jungle Adventures, Word Cricket Battle 2, and Mountain Valley, can be found in Play Pass. Helper apps such as uter, unit converter, Audiolab, photo studio pro, and others will be introduced as part of this.

How much will it cost to subscribe for Google Play Pass?

Play Pass will provide a high-quality and curated collection of over 1,000 titles from developers in 59 countries, including several from India, across 41 categories. Users can begin with a one-month trial and then upgrade to a one-year subscription for Rs 99 per month or Rs 889.

Users can also get a prepaid one-month subscription for Rs 109, according to the company. A Play Pass membership can be shared by up to five people.

The company stated, “We aim to deliver products and programs that benefit the Play community – both users and developers.” We are constantly looking for new ways to accomplish this. We are excited to make a strong offering with the launch of Play Pass in India.

“Hope to partner with more local developers to create a collection of unlocked titles and amazing experiences for our users,” said Aditya Swamy, Director, Google India Play Partnerships.

This week, the Play Pass feature will be rolled out across the country. Play Pass, with its ability to reach users in 90 countries, will provide a new opportunity for Indian developers of all types of apps and games to expand their global user base and unlock new revenue streams, according to the statement.