How to get Telegram Premium and Features

Telegram Premium is now available. Telegram’s new membership service, which has over 700 million monthly active users, allows users to unlock unique additional features on the chat app. In a blog post announcing the introduction of Telegram Premium, the firm stated that the new premium tier “will allow us to offer all the resource-heavy features … Read more

How to make Telegram stickers Easily in 2022

Want to make custom stickers for Telegram then we will describe how to make telegram stickers. Stickers are small illustrations that convey an emotion or action in messages through animation. They are entertaining and make people laugh. Stickers are the latest messaging trend, and almost all messaging apps now support them. Telegram provides a variety … Read more

How to view Instagram stories without them knowing

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Random guessing game Java with code

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How to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

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Whatsapp Status New Update To Be Released Soon

There will be a Whatsapp Status New Update that will be added soon. So let’s look at what this new update is all about. Whatsapp Status New Update WhatsApp status updates will become more prominent in the messaging service. The relevant updates are already ready to be highlighted in the chat list and thus easily … Read more