Computer Crashes When Playing Games? | How to check graphics card

Computer Crashes When Playing Games

Does your computer crashes when playing games? Have you ever wonder why it happens and what is the reason? I will explain every reason for the crash and will also provide you solution that will resolve your issue. if you are playing high-end games on your PC then these three things certainly have significant importance. … Read more

Firefox Vs Brave: Which is the better browser for you in 2021

Firefox Vs Brave

Like Firefox, the Brave browser is also free, open-source, and user-friendly. In January 2016, Brave Software Inc founded by Brian Bondy and Brenden Eich launched a  browser called Brave to compete with Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.  Brave is a browser that is relatively new to the scene compared to other popular browsers. This post will … Read more

How accurate is SocialBlade? How can it help you grow Your Youtube channel in 3 months?

How accurate is SocialBlade?

Today we will discuss what is SocialBlade and How accurate is SocialBlade in this post. I will also tell how it can help you grow your Youtube channel fast and easily. Is the SocialBlade earnings are real and much more. What Is SocialBlade? Social Blade is a US website, which tracks statistics and analytics in … Read more

Is your Instagram promotion not approved? How to solve it

Is your Instagram promotion not approved How to solve it

Have you started regretting choosing Instagram for promotions just because your Instagram promotion is not approved? You don’t have to. Instagram is a beautiful platform to advertise and globalize something in the form of their promotions. It is a great reach and gives good profits, but sometimes due to some technical mishandlings, your Instagram promotion … Read more

How to send WhatsApp message to Email address in 2021

How to send WhatsApp message to Email address

Today, we will discuss how to send Whatsapp message to email address so that you never lose your important messages that you want to store for a lifetime. Whatsapp is one the most used messaging app in the world right now. It had active monthly users of more than 2000 Million in March 2020. The … Read more